Italy is a country rich in history, culture and diversity. Those of us who love Italy well know there is an abundance of natural beauty that invites itself to your wedding in Italy; the aromas and vistas tantalise your senses.

We invite you to not merely change the location for your wedding but we encourage you to break a few rules too. Why stick to a traditional UK white wedding? You’ve made a bold decision to go abroad so why not seize the opportunity to have a wedding day you truly desire…

Its fabulous that you have found us and we know that you are feeling excited now that you have made the decision to have your dream wedding in Italy. You have a fantastic journey ahead. Now that you are here, you  want to know how we can help you and – more importantly – who is going to turn your dreams into reality for what will be one of, if not the most memorable day in your lives.

So begins your love affair with Italy.