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24hrs in the Life of a Destination Wedding Planner

Here is a snapshot of our 2 days on the  Amalfi Coast and discovering Scala. A place I could so easily call home.  Our main purpose was for onsite wedding co-ordination in Ravello but we thought we would give you an insight to the other stuff that happens behind the scenes.

Our day starts with a 3.30am alarm for the early morning Easyjet flight to Naples.

Wake up | Accent Events | Early Start

On a very hot day just sorting the car hire can be stressful,  except when Europcar had you a nice little bag containing cold water, travel sweets and a 2hr extension to our booking.

Car hire | Europcar | Naples Airport

We arrived to Vesuvius still smouldering from the fires (July).  Leading up to our trip there had been severe fires causing disruption to homes, businesses and road closures.  We were unsure we could use the Amalfi Coast road to get to Ravello so we chose to  go over the mountain.Fires | Vesuvius | Campania

Always on the look out for new things – on our journey through one of the smaller towns we stumbled upon a gathering of vintage cars.  This sporty little red number caught my eye.  I snapped the logo as we drove by, speedy fact-finding!

Fiat | Italian Icon| Sporty

We had meetings scheduled with the venue, aperitivi venue on the piazza, photographer and the celebrant – lots to fit in. On top of heading pver to Amalfi to pay for catering on board one of the transfer boats for a wedding in September.  Sounds easy but when its a Sunday and everyone is heading to the beach a short distance can take the longest time.  That sorted we head back up to Ravello and Scala.

Ravello | Panorama | View

One of things on the to do list was to check out the location of our B&B. We chose to stay in Scala, the town that faces Ravello.  Our B&B is located in Borgo di Minuta the oldest town on the Amalfi Coast,  parking for non residents can be difficult once we have found the private parking space we head back to Ravello for the start of the wedding admin.

Piazza | Ravello | Duomo

We timed the short drive back to Ravello checking out possible parking spots for the next day.  There is a main car park below the Piazza Duomo, once parked up our first port of call is to secure a shady spot for a lite lunch.

Caffe | Lunch time | Duomo

What better place than the Piazza.  Table for two – someone please move.

Cedrata | Keep Cool | Refreshing

A refreshing drink to rehydrate.

Now to decide the best route for the bride and groom – we walk the walk to get the timing right to allow the bride enough time to walk calmly from her hotel to the civil wedding ceremony.

Ceramics | Shops | Ravello

Picking out some nice spots for the photography

Meeting | Bride & Groom | Hotel

Run through of the arrangements with the bride and groom at their hotel.

A quick check on the Belvedere Gardens for the ceremony.

Site Inspection | Gardens | Belvedere

Back over to Scala to check in and meet our host.  What can we say if someone greets us with ice cold orange juice on a super hot day they have already won our hearts and then to show us the view from the breakfast terrace – a view all the way down to Amalfi.

B&B | Scala | Terrace

The evening is ours so we take a walk down to the magical Basilica Sant’Eustachio – a beautiful ruin where on this evening preparations were taking place for a night time jazz evening.

Basilica | Scala | Sant'Eustachio

We are going back on 5th August for Tango and opera.

Dining out | Restaurant | Cuisine

Before we retire for a busy day of wedding celebrations we head off to Il Pinguino Restaurant for some delicious Italian homemade food and washed down with a chilled bottle of Peroni and I get to fuss the giant dog who has decided I am her best friend.

We say Buonanotte at 11pm (10pm UK time) tomorrow will be a busy day.