Accent Events | Your fairytale Italian wedding begins with us...
Accent Events | Your fairytale Italian wedding begins with us...

Why attending the Wedding in Italy Pop up is a perfect couple day out in London


Over the last month I have been promoting an event that is heart-driven; it’s a personal challenge but with the interests of all Italy wedding couples at its core. My fellow wedding planner colleagues and I wish to make engaging with us easier and more personal.

I have found a way to make this happen.  I am so very excited about this and come Saturday 29th March 2014 there will be a room in London that is going to turn Italian. It has come about very quickly as we are fast approaching the busy wedding season.

The idea came to me as I was sitting in front of my cosy fire at Christmas time thinking how could I make selecting a wedding planner a more pleasurable experience. Wouldn’t it be great if I could create an environment as relaxed as my sitting room for couples to come in and meet different wedding planners?

Its been an incredibly busy few months finding the perfect, loft space location. Its central and near to one of my most favourite places, Borough Market – the best food market in London.

Next I contacted some of my colleagues, a mix of UK based Italy wedding planners like myself and others that are Italy based what a great response – they thought this a marvellous idea everyone loving the boutique style approach.

It’s not a show. There will not be hundreds of exhibits and we really do not want you to feel that you cannot approach us – that is why the environment and atmosphere is so important.

Let’s get down to business – the cost of the ticket

I have had a few comments on the price of the couple ticket, which is fair comment. I have responded to several emails, so I thought it would be easier to pop this on a post, I am not defending the price this is more about value.

I first want to do a bijoux comparison of the cost of the ticket to that of attending a larger traditional show.

For a national UK wedding show tickets start at £20 and go up to £60 for group entry (4 people) obviously the more expensive tickets will give you more frills.

Compare to what we are offering for our inaugural Wedding in Italy Pop up

There is no comparison on format as our event is not a show.

This boutique style event is something much more intimate – we are encouraging couple attendance – it is incredibly important that both of you begin the wedding planning together as there are some dynamic differences to UK planning compared to what is involved in a destination wedding, by booking a couple ticket you are 90% ahead of the game and means that ideas can be explored and decisions can be made on the spot.

No need to walk around gathering information and end up laden with brochures – sit back and chill out and we will answer your questions and may even give you a few more things to think about to inspire your wedding in Italy. Everyone there is fundamental to wedding planning rather than a nice-to-have.

You will get quality time with the experts and as we are not operating with hundreds of exhibitors you can speak to each one of them. We recognise that this is the most important aspect for couples when they make their selection.

I have such a passion for this concept as, in a way, it is up-scaling what I do for individual couples which is to meet them somewhere that is informal where we can speak explore their ideas and answer questions. We think that this can be done for more couples without losing that relaxed and personal approach.

If you visit you will see the information on what is going to happen on the day. We are making this a ticket only event as we are keeping numbers at a minimum so that we can spend time with you.  To book your tickets please visit and search for Plan Your Italy Wedding Pop up.

We’ve also invited representation from some gorgeous regional venues including Sicily, Amalfi Coast and Puglia.

We do not want you to rush off,and why would you when we have such a beautiful venue in Lumiere London, so we will be offering a complimentary typical Italian lunch with a glass or two of Prosecco

There will also be on the day special offers from each of the experts if you choose to book with them.

All couple names will be put into a draw for one night accommodation on the Amalfi Coast (minimum 4 star) with private chauffeur transport return journey from main accommodation valid for year of wedding

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