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Bad Ass Miracle Maker – Tuscan Wedding Network

For 12 months now I have been a member of a phenomenal community of Italy wedding planners – The Tuscan Wedding Network.  It is a closed group for wedding professionals who believe in the premise of achieving more through belonging to a larger community.

#BAMM – Bad Ass Miracle Maker!

We have our very own branded T-shirt (that’s the founder and me in the photo) and hash tag #BAMM – this stands for Bad Ass Miracle Maker.  It’s a cool hash tag but more importantly the use of #BAMM on social media means that a member or members of the Tuscan Wedding Network have come together and averted a crisis or major disappointment.

I personally find this group incredible.  Most of its members have never met in person but through the leadership of its founder Francesca Wit there is a strong sense of camaraderie, sharing of knowledge and experience, as well as contacts for those services brides and grooms wish to include in their wedding arrangements, and there is opportunity for learning.  It means we can broaden our services and the regions in which we operate because we have the support of the network.

In  an industry that is hugely competitive – the Tuscan Wedding network has no room for preciousness  – it is refreshing to know a request for assistance or help is not going to go unanswered; nor will it be ridiculed if there is a gap in knowledge –  such is the mentality of this group of people.  Celebrant | Civil CeremonyVery recently I met the founder of The Tuscan Network. Francesca is a multi-lingual celebrant and we were in need of her linguistic skills at a recent Accent Events wedding – when we met it was as if we had known each a long time.

On this particular wedding we had an unforeseen situation occur – one that had the potential to change the dynamic of the wedding day.  As members of the Tuscan Wedding Planning network we worked as a team, communication flowed and vital information shared to ensure that the seriousness of the situation was managed in such a way as to not draw attention to it and for the wedding itinerary to run smoothly.  It felt incredible to have this support and this is down to someone who is forward thinking and understands how collaboration fuels growth and personal development and gets the job done.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to “pay it forward” and it felt good – I happened to be in the right place – being based in the UK and having recently been approved for the Premium Service to expedite documents at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London, I was able to share some information with my fellow Tuscan Wedding Network colleague which meant that her client had the opportunity to correct the document problem she found herself facing four days before her wedding  – I think that deserved a #BAMM 🙂

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