Accent Events | Your fairytale Italian wedding begins with us...
Accent Events | Your fairytale Italian wedding begins with us...

Church Weddings in Italy

Cathedrals, chapels & churches

We are just a few days away from Easter, an important time in the religious calendar, what better time to write about some of the Church wedding options in Italy available to couples.


Wedding couple | Duomo Ravello | Bros Photography

There are going to be variations on the type of church wedding possible – your personal circumstances will be important factors as to whether you will have a Catholic wedding ceremony with or without mass.

Church bells | Church in Italy

As a wedding planner and coordinator we do not have the in-depth knowledge of religious protocols so your starting point should be your local priest to seek advice and how this relates to your personal circumstances.  Today the Church is more inclusive of mixed religion weddings or marriage to a partner of no faith. It is likely that each situation will require supporting documentation issued by the church in the UK.

Church Entrance | Tuscany

Italy is home to some of the most incredible churches and cathedrals – you would think it would be easy to get married in one of them.  Although not difficult, you may be surprised by some of the information we will touch on.

Get me to the church (in Italy) on time!

Castellabate | Church Tower | Cilento

Not every church in Italy is open to performing religious weddings for foreign couples.  Before falling in love with a location check that you will be able to have a religious wedding in one of the nearby churches as well as finding out if an English or English-speaking priest will be able to perform the wedding.

The Curia is an organisation which presides over a given diocese in Italy – it is a good starting point to ask which churches will perform weddings for foreign couples.

There are two ways to have a Catholic wedding in Italy

Marriage concordat:

A church wedding including the civil rite so that the marriage will be recognised in the home country.

Castellabate | Livio Lacurre

Religious documents from your local Catholic Church and Bishop of the Diocese are required as well as attendance of Pre-Cana Marriage instructions class

Church documents (your local priest is responsible for providing):

Letter from your local Priest

Letter from Bishop of Diocese on Bishop’s letter head

Pre-nuptial inquiry form

Mixed religions or Disparity of Cult form (for someone of no faith)

Personal documents for one or both individuals:

Baptism certificate


Letters of Freedom (from parents stating you are free to enter into marriage

The church documents will either be sent directly to the priest in Italy who will then liaise with Curia or the documents will be sent to the Curia which presides over the diocese and it will be your responsibility to liaise with the priest at the church.

Civil rite:

Certificate of No Impediment (to be translated into Italian in Italy)

Statutory Declaration Form

Apostille stamps

Check out our blog on legal requirements for civil wedding posted 11.04.2017

The civil documents will need to go to the local town hall – this could be done by the  priest in Italy or it will be the responsibility of the couple to ensure the Town Hall receives them.

On the day of the wedding you will require witnesses – details of your chosen witnesses should be given to the priest in Italy in advance of the wedding day.  (photocopies of passports).  There will be 4 witnesses 2 or either side of the bride and groom.  

Within a period of 5 days the priest will deliver the documents to the Town Hall so that the Town Hall register the transcript of the marriage.

Civil Wedding in the UK / Religious Rite in Italy:

This option removes the need for the Statutory Declaration and Apostilles.  

The UK Certificate of No Impediment can be sent with the religious documents to the Curia or Priest in Italy so the only the religious rite takes place in Italy.  No need to present documents at the Town Hall in Italy

Waldesian Evangelical Church in Italy

The Waldesian church has been granted the authority to include the civil element as well as perform a religious ceremony at a private venue in Italy.  

Waldesian Ceremony | Private Villa | Sorrento

Documents required:

Certificate of No Impediment (Translated into Italian in Italy)

Statutory Declaration

Apostille Stamps

The civil documents are to be taken to the Town Hall in advance of the religious ceremony. The Town Hall will issue a document to be given to the Waldesian Minister on the day of the wedding which must be  returned to the Town Hall after the ceremony

Letter to Waldesian minister from the couple’s priest stating knowledge of the couple

Letter from the couple to Waldesian minister request the Waldesian minister performs the ceremony

Letter from the couple to the Town Hall in Italy signed by the couple to say they a proceeding with marriage under Waldesian standards and law. 449/84 art.11

Copy of the Town Hall letter to be sent to the Waldesian minister

Details of witnesses

An interpreter may be required for the ceremony

Religious readings and homilies can be chosen with the help of the Waldesian Minister.

Amalfi Cathedral | Amalfi Coast

English Churches in Italy:

Here are three church options where a blessing can be performed.  Please note that the church wedding alone will not constitute a legal wedding recognised in the UK.  It will be necessary to have a civil wedding either at home in the UK or in Italy.

Anglican Church in Cadenabbia, Lake Como

St Mark’s English Church, Florence

St George’s Church, Venice

Points to consider for your church wedding or blessing:

Lake Como | Blessing | Couple

The church may have set fees or costs or a donation is appreciated

Wedding attire  – no revealing wedding dresses

The church may have rules on photography and videography

Pre wedding meeting – allow for this in your wedding itinerary

If a church wedding is important to you and you would like to talk with us about your plans you can reach us at 

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