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Go to Rome or go Home

Go to Rome or go Home – it is a catchy phrase often cited by wedding planners when we reply to those couples who are planning on an Italy wedding but do not live in the UK or in Italy.

We regularly receive inquiries from UK couples who have made their home away from the UK and for them to get married in Italy it is a more involved process compared to living in the UK.

If you are a UK citizen living in Italy or outside of Italy (except the UK) then you have two choices to complete the legal requirements for a wedding in Italy.

This is what you will need to take into consideration.


You will need to make an appointment with the UK Consular office in Rome – to give Notice of Marriage.  There is an online booking system to do this.  Dates are released in batches so you will need to check back regularly to see when your date is coming up.

Plan your trip to Italy and make sure you have the correct documentation required.

If you live outside of Italy, evidence of a 3-day residency in Italy is required.  This could be a hotel check-in or a boarding pass showing your date of arrival in Italy, a cash withdrawal from an Italian ATM showing your name, or any other kind of document proving that you have been in Italy for three clear days.  Please note that three clear days means that, for an appointment on the 20th, you would need to have arrived in Italy on the 16th day at the latest.

If you live in Italy, within the preceding two months before the date of your appointment: utility bill, payslip, bank statement, employer letter, Identity Card, certificate of residence from the Comune (local Town Hall), showing your name and your Italian address.

Valid British passport

Original full birth certificate (showing parents details), adoption certificate.

Copy of your partner’s ID card or passport.

Name Change – Deed poll or statutory Declaration if you have ever changed our name (except if this is following marriage).

If previously divorced (you or your partner):

  • Evidence of termination of any previous marriages/Civil Partnerships (i.e. original Death Certificate, Divorce Decree Absolute or civil partnership dissolution or annulment certificate) together with the previous marriage certificates for a divorced woman if maiden name is not shown on the divorce certificate.
  • If you have a non-British divorce/dissolution/annulment certificate, we will need evidence of nationality or residency in the country where the divorce/dissolution/annulment took place for one of the parties, valid at the time of the divorce/dissolution/annulment.
  • The divorce/dissolution/annulment certificate will also need to have been translated into English or Italian;
  • Please note that under Italian law a woman who has been divorced and wishes to re-marry in Italy cannot re-marry until 300 days have passed from the date of her divorce. It is possible, however, to apply for a dispensation to this through the Tribunale Civile. Further information should be obtained from the Comune/Town Hall of the area where the marriage/civil partnership registration is to take place.

In order to make an appointment with us to post Notice of Marriage/Civil Partnership at the British Embassy in Rome, please use our on-line appointment system. 

Please also note that it is advised by the UK Consular office that you DO NOT make firm travel plans to post your Notice of Marriage/Civil Partnership at the British Embassy in Rome until you have collected the documentation listed above.

Documents must be in original form unless otherwise specified.

After the appointment the Notice of Marriage will be posted for 7 clear days, if there is no objection the Certificate of No Impediment (Nulla Osta) will be issued in the Italian language.

You can collect your Certificate of No Impediment in person or authorize somebody else (such as your wedding planner) to collect it: in this case, we require a letter delegating the name person to collect the CNI on your behalf. You can also choose to have your CNI mailed to any address, by paying a courier fee.

We recently had our first UK couple, living in Melbourne – Australia follow this process.  Lucy and Ross decided to incorporate getting their documentation with the opportunity to see Rome!

Here are some of their observations:

Very strict security (which is good).  No electronic items, phones, tablets etc were allowed through security.  Bags had to be left with security.

They were surprised that although Consular staff spoke English they did not meet any UK staff.

The atmosphere was professional but somewhat intimidating which may have added to some mistakes being made when form filling which had to be repeated ensuring accuracy and consistency throughout.

The online appointment system gave specific times – however when Lucy and Ross arrived they were immediately taken through to the relevant office.

The Consular Office has set opening and closing times – Lucy and Ross had made plans to ensure they would be in Rome to collect their Nulla Ostas after the 7 day period but they were given the impression that they could come at any time even when the office hours said the Consular office would be closed (JUST TO BE SAFE KEEP TO THE OPENING AND COSED TIMES!)

** NOTE:  if you are going to collect the Nulla Osta yourselves then you will need to allow for minimum 12 days to be in Rome / Italy to complete the documentation process.


The alternative for UK couples living outside of Italy would be to return to the UK to follow the standard process for UK based citizens. Again careful planning of this trip home will allow you to complete the paperwork in a two week period (allowing for weekends and public holidays).

7 day residency in the district where you will attend the Registry Office to apply for your Certificate of No Impediment.  You will both need to attend the Registry office in person.

You will be asked to provide documentation for proof of identity and proof of residency in the UK.  The Certificate of No Impediment will be issued after a period of 28 days.

An appointment with a notary to complete the Statutory Declaration Form (a bi-lingual document) which confirms personal data.  This will be signed and dated in front of the notary.    This can be done towards the end of your visit to the UK.  You will both need to attend this meeting in person.

You can then delegate someone to collect the Certificate of No Impediments on your behalf and help complete the process.

Once the Certificates of No Impediment and Statutory Declarations are ready these documents must be sent to the Legalisation Department of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in Milton Keynes.  Each document will then receive an Apostille stamp on the back of each document and returned to a UK address or the address of the wedding planner.

The two Certificates of No Impediment must be translated in to Italian in Italy afixed with Italian official stamps and then these and the two Statutory Declaration forms are delivered to the Town Hall office in Italy where the marriage takes places.


Specifically for couples who live outside of Italy and wish to have support for the legal process only; we can offer the following:

Receive the documents to our postal address and arrange the Apostille stamps from the Legalisation Department in Milton Keynes.

Sending documents to Italy for translation.

Arrange for the translation of the Certificates of No Impediment in Italy and official stamps

Deliver by hand (Amalfi Coast Town Halls only) the Certificates of No Impediment, Statutory Declaration forms and any other forms specifically requested by the Town Hall.

If you would like our help you can reach us at:

If you are UK based and find yourselves with an urgent situation regarding documents we may be able to help with our expedite apostille service.

The I Do location for Lucy and Ross 🙂