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Accent Events | Your fairytale Italian wedding begins with us...

Guest Blog: A perfect match…

Destination wedding stationery meets photography in Italy…now there’s a match made in heaven!

We are so very lucky to invite Kate the founder of to our Blog.  Kate’s passion is personalised wedding stationery, and for all Italy couples her specialist destination wedding stationery is fabulous.  I personally think sending out Save the Date (the subject of Kate’s guest blog) that is tailored to your style creates something special from the outset of wedding planning.    Earlier this week I mentioned how we can help couples make the most of that all important venue visit trip to Italy; we can arrange for an Italy photographer to capture wonderful location/couple shots which can then be used for your destination stationery.

Images are from Kate’s designs.

Destination Wedding Stationery

Destination Wedding Stationery

Kate runs the very successful website DestinationStationery which specialises in designing and producing unique stationery for weddings abroad. Working with customers from all over the world, she creates custom designs which perfectly reflect the wedding location, theme and personality of her customers. Her designs include Passports, Airline Tickets, Postcards and Luggage Tags which are all wonderful ways of complimenting your wedding abroad.

Kate has answered some common questions about choosing and planning the perfect wedding stationery, focusing here on Save the Dates.  I would like to handover to Kate now…

What are Save the Dates?

Save the dates are traditionally small cards which are sent out to inform people of your wedding date and to let them know to expect a formal invitation to the event. They have become increasingly popular over recent years especially as the market for weddings abroad has expanded.

For destination weddings it’s a nice idea to incorporate the theme of your location and send something travel related. Postcards, Luggage Tags and Boarding Passes/Airline Tickets all make great Save the Dates.

Jennifer Vintage Tag

Should I ask for RSVPs to a Save the Date?

It’s not customary to request people reply to your Save the Date with their intention to attend or not. Tradition would say you should send a formal invitation to everyone on your guest list who received a Save the Date regardless of whether you know if they can/can’t make the wedding.

I’m all in favour of certain wedding traditions but personally this isn’t one I’d choose to stick to. Planning a wedding can be a stressful and costly process, anything that makes that process easier and perhaps cheaper sounds good to me. If your venue choice will depend on how many people attend whether that’s because of size, cost or location I don’t see the harm in politely requesting a response to a Save the Date.

I’ve worked with couples who included wording such as “In order to help our planning please let us know if you can make it” they’ve then included a check box with something along the lines of “Yes”, “No” or “Don’t know”. Obviously you can make this wording as fun or formal as you like depending on the feel of your wedding “I’ll be there, save me a deckchair” or “Sorry, I’ve lost my Passport” could be used for Yes/No replies.

The Luggage Tags and Boarding Passes/Airline Tickets I design can all incorporate a tear off RSVP section or alternatively you can request RSVPs via an email address or phone number. Consider including a date for people to reply by otherwise they might not realise you’re waiting to hear back from them.

When should I send a Save the Date?

Usually sent out between 6 and 12 months before the wedding they can contain as much or as little information as you have at the time. If the actual date can’t be confirmed until closer to the wedding why not consider sending a Save the Week card. If you’ve not decided exactly where to get married, perhaps a general card with the wording “We’re getting married in Italy and would love you to be there” might be a solution.

Still not sure when to send your save the date? In my experience, it’s never too early, especially if you’re getting married abroad. Guests will always appreciate the extra time to plan their commitments and budget. I’ve worked with couples who were sending Save the Dates 18 months in advance of the wedding but as they were asking guests to travel to the other side of the world it meant that more of their family and friends could attend because they planned for the once in a lifetime trip.

Charlotte Save the Date Ravello

The great thing about choosing a designer to create your stationery rather than picking an off the shelf product is that you can customise the details to suit you and your wedding. If you’ve got any other wedding stationery questions you’d like to ask Kate get in touch with her via her website

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