Accent Events | Your fairytale Italian wedding begins with us...
Accent Events | Your fairytale Italian wedding begins with us...

Networking in London & Photography Shoot

Working with the right photographer for you

Photo shoot | London

London Calling

A sunny Monday morning I found myself on a train ready to do some serious networking in London with a small group of wedding industry professionals.  I am also going to have my photo taken, more of that later.

We have all been very active on a Facebook group for business entrepreneurs led by Faye of Faye Cornhill Coaching, we thought we would swap our virtual world for the real one.  Our rendezvous place – Kings Cross station, two photographers, one stationery designer, a creator of delicious cakes and me, a destination Italy wedding planner.

I was very much looking forward to meeting these wonderful ladies who had been sending bundles of support and encouragement to me and 16 others in our group.

We share a goal to make a success of our businesses so that we can lead the life of our dreams and if we can help each other on the way then this is a bonus.

Camera Confident

Helping me on this particular day was one of the photographers. The bubbly and utterly delightful Natalie Chiverton who kindly offered to do some professional shots of me for use on social media and my website.

I have a camera phobia. I have told myself repeatedly that the camera does not love me and I will immediately pick faults with any image I see of myself.

When Natalie offered to take my photo, I did think “good luck”. I have done professional shots before it was memorable for the wrong reasons. I felt totally stressed out and this did not make for natural photography, I did not feel confident and that came through on every shot.

Through our group coaching I have been made aware that today’s potential client wants to get to know the person behind the business, it’s all about making a connection – I knew I had to do something and put aside my fear.

Get to know your photographer

Before starting my mini photo shoot session we all headed over to Granary Square for brunch and the opportunity to delve into each other’s story. It proved to be just the thing to make me relax.

This small group are fabulously talented, good company, funny and engaging, the perfect distraction from fixating on being out in the open in super trendy London having my photo taken.

Natalie and I had already established a connection through our Facebook chats, very likely as we are of the same generation and had similar life experiences.

I found talking to Natalie easy, tripping from one subject to the next, blending laughter as well as serious discussion about where we are headed and our business goals.

I almost forgot that I was about to strike a pose for my professional shots. Actually the posing produced some very natural photography.

Gentle direction eased my initial awareness of the lens, the verbal encouragement and cues from Natalie helped me to step in to the moment and enjoy myself, what wasn’t there to love, great location, a sunny day and I was in good company and safe hands.

Working with the right photographer for you

As Natalie was shooting thoughts of wedding photography and couples popped into my head and how they can overcome their personal reservations as to how to act for their wedding photography, especially if they too have an aversion to the camera.

A photographer will use their skill and personality to make you shine but there are some responsibilities that the wedding couple must own.

That is to be at your very best on your wedding day; in part this is going to come from being confident in yourselves, the other part from investing in the right photographer for you and spending time with your photographer before the wedding day.

Engagement Photography

Booking an engagement session is a perfect opportunity to build the rapport between couple and photographer prior to the wedding day.

Choosing a location where you are going to feel comfortable, (that place could be Italy) and speaking with your photographer as to what feels right for you and getting tips on how to pose, will go a long way to ensuring those wow factor images are lasting memories you will want to revisit.

When your big day arrives it will be like meeting an old friend, as the level of trust is already established.

Photography is your wedding legacy

Wedding photography is a legacy,  you are only going to get one chance, unlike my professional business shots.  Wearing my planner’s hat, it is THE service where I do not suggest compromise.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Natalie Chiverton – you were so patient. Thanks also to my morale angels –  Lisa and Natalie – the two lovely faces I was able to focus upon during the shoot.

If you would like to find out more about our little group pop over to:

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  1. This is truly amazing and so informative. As a photographer, it is so important the get that connect right with your couples and then the rest will follow. Look forward to working with you soon.

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