Accent Events | Your fairytale Italian wedding begins with us...
Accent Events | Your fairytale Italian wedding begins with us...

Rumour has it that 29th March is going to be a good day

This is going to be a short post but it is very important.  It comes with a caution; its about passing on of information, particularly factual information that has the potential for serious consequence if not understood correctly.

The very things that we rely on today for up-to-date information, trends, and experience such as forums, Twitter and Facebook can be the very things that can cause some fairly hefty damage if the content is not 100% correct, written clearly or just plain wrong.

The goodwill intent of passing on something we have gained through experience and wish to share with others comes with serious responsibility,  check, check and double check the facts before spreading the word.

Something happened this week, one of my fellow wedding planner colleagues, Cheryl from Bella Sposa based in Sorrento dropped me a private message on Facebook sending me a link to a well-known wedding forum as she was a bit concerned about a post she had read.

This is the post ”

Just to let you know that if you’re getting married in Sorrento, Italy that the certificate of no impediment must now state “piano di sorrento, Italy” as the district and not “Sorento, Italy”. 

this is a change in Italian government. 

if you’ve already received your certificates with the old wording, you’ll need to pay again to have them redone.  And yes, if you’ve already paid to get them legalised, you’ll have to pay again. 

Double check with your wedding planners if you have one or check the Italian government website. “

This sort of stuff makes me quite nervous; firstly because what is being conveyed in the post is wrong. Secondly, whoever had given out the information to the author of the post was also wrong or was not clear in the delivery of the information leading to the author interpreting the information incorrectly and as it turned out, this became a costly error related to the documentation needed for a civil ceremony in Italy.

Before I go any further I will explain the situation related to the above as I do not want Sorrento wedding couples fretting.

When couples go to their local registry office in the UK they need to provide the address of the Town Hall (Comune) of where they are getting married.  If you are getting married in the Chiostro di San Francesco or Museo Correale in Sorrento, this is the Town Hall of Sorrento or Comune di Sorrento / Muncipio di Sorrento.

municipio2    municipio   chiostroSF

If you are getting married at Villa Fondi, this comes under the Town Hall of Piano di Sorrento (Comune Piano di Sorrento).

imagesV169JD8N  villa fondi2

villa Fondi

As you can see these are two different locations so the information to be given to the registry office in the UK will be different related to where you are going to have your civil ceremony.  Using Sorrento for Villa Fondi is incorrect, it is Piano di Sorrento.

The author of the post arranged for her paperwork to be re-issued with what she thought was the correct information and had to pay again to have the documents redone. Sadly it was unnecessary as the original paperwork was in fact correct.  The error came on submitting the paperwork to the resort representative who was helping her with her wedding in Sorrento.  There is a happy ending to this as the bride-to-be received a refund for the unnecessary issue of new Certificates of No Impediment.

So basically there are several things here:

If you are not confident about what you are being told or have a suspicion the person giving the information is not that confident in relaying the information – check it with another planner.

If you are uncertain of your interpretation of the information – check it with another planner.

Where you can do some research, speak to other brides (and more than one if need be) who have married in Sorrento or the location where you are getting married, specially if you are doing this on your own.

Finally, the last suggestion I will make is to come along to the Wedding in Italy  Pop up Event on 29th March 2014, where you can meet Italy experts all of whom have organised many weddings and will be able to guide you through the legal process step by step.  Get this wrong and if the detail is not picked up could actually result in a very serious and upsetting situation.

Myself and all the other planners who are taking part want all couples to have a great experience during the wedding planning as well as on their big day so we have a special weekend offer for the first 10 couples who book their ticket to the wedding lounge this weekend, they will get a 20% discount.  Please visit Eventbrite to book.


Accent has recently been included in the Wedding Industry Experts Honour Roll as our wedding colleagues think that the work we have done is innovative or they are inspired by what we do.


The Wedding in Italy Pop up is very much about doing something new and different with the sole aim of making it easy for couples to meet and select the wedding planner who will be just perfect for them to realise their dreams.  It really is so much better to have a face-to-face conversation than to leave a relationship to lengthy emails and we will do our best to ensure the above situation does not happen to you.

At some point most of us have played Chinese Whispers, it can be a very funny game but when it comes to something as serious as a wedding it really isn’t so funny.

2 responses to “Rumour has it that 29th March is going to be a good day”

  1. Sarah thomas says:

    So if I am getting married at villa fondi I put on my uk certificate of no impediment. .

    Town Hall of Piano di Sorrento,

    Do I need to put it in italian I’m assuming not as it gets translated anyhow?


    • Gio Daye says:

      Hello Sarah, you are absolutely right for Villa Fondi it is Town Hall of Piano di Sorrento and you are correct when the Certificate of No Impediment is translated they will put it in Italian, Comune Piano di Sorrento.

      Congratulations to you both and have a wonderful day!

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