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Wedding Trends New Ideas In, Old Out

Right about now the #trends posts come out – what will be more popular and what is no longer desired.   Ostentacious centrepieces are on the way out and au naturale is in.  Who decides these things anyway!

Italian Custom | Accent Events | Ste Walker Photography

As much as I love this type of inspirational trend setting, and we do work with fabulous creatives who can turn a blank canvas into the dream setting, I also listen to my own thoughts – call me self indulgent – but one has to be true to oneself and my thoughts often veer towards working with couples who want to have a wedding where their choices and personalities shine through – this could be a wedding with a twist for  those couples who wish to break with tradition or for others it could be a traditional format wedding that totally embraces Italy – there is just so much to love.

Positano | Accent Events | Ste Walker Photography

This blog post brings together the little voice inside my head which I have been ignoring but it is becoming a much louder and consistent voice which is perhaps guiding me to a different style of destination wedding.  Together with conversations I have had with fellow wedding industry colleagues – such as UK and destination photographer Ste Walker – I may be taking the first step by writing this post to attract clients who are like-minded.

So here goes with what I would like to see for Accent Events – Italy Exclusive Weddings.

Smaller weddings:  Why try to make a compromise too far.  Weddings are important events but they can become a money pit especially if you have a large guest list. Planning a wedding for 80 people on a budget which is best suited to 40 is never going to be a good match – especially when exchange rates and uncertainty exist in the market place.   Be realistic in your thoughts if it is not possible in the UK or your home country it is unlikely you will be able to achieve a similar wedding in Italy.   This is where the prep work you do as a couple is very important – invite the number of people suited to your budget and give them a bloody good time.  If you are unsure about what your budget will get you I will gladly spend 15 minutes on skype or WhatsApp to give you an idea or you can use the email address below.

Intimate Wedding | Sorrento | Ste Walker Photography

Choosing to share your wedding day with a select few can remove the pressure of going over the top financially and will definitely relieve the stress factor and you can make the choice to luxe up your wedding day.   Spoil yourselves and your guests – opt for full day wedding photography over a 2-hr service around the ceremony.

Small Wedding | Accent Events | Ste Walker Photography

And because it’s Christmas and  at Christmas you tell the truth all I want is for  couples to plan the wedding they want rather than trying to please or do what is expected of them.  If different works that’s great if it doesn’t then traditional is good too but please make sure this is a day you are going to be happy with and you will not be looking at a blog post that says “wedding regrets” after your wedding day.

Informal style | Venue Choice | Ste Walker Photography

While I am on the subject of photography – here’s some food for thought this Christmas….

Vespa Tour | Amalfi Coast | Ste Walker Photography

Experience Photography  – photography is an art form and serves many purposes, capturing the wedding day is a huge responsibility and an honour for your chosen photographer it is a one off day – when you are on another level.  Why not take your photographic memories one step further by asking your photographer to spend time with you after the wedding when it’s just the two of you again.  There are just so many options here – why not tick off an item on your bucket list and capture those moments – sharing “something new” together after the big day.  Emotions, sights, and events as they happen all shared between the two of you – the day after the big day.  Do something exhilarating.

Wedding Trends | Fireworks | Ste Walker Photography


What’s in and what’s not.  I say what does it really matter if you like something then go with it –  it’s your wedding, do the things you feel most comfortable doing, trying to please everyone causes so much stress and often creating a wow moment can cost more – it depends on the how much of a wow you are after.

Ultra Violet | Pantone Colour | Ste Walker Photography

If you want to put a twist on the Pantone colour of the year – do it!  Ultra violet any way you choose.

Wedding Details | Colour Theme | Ste Walker Photography

Styling vs re-styling:  Unless you have the budget to splurge and turn your chosen venue into another world this aspect of your wedding really does not have to cost ….well the cost of a wedding!  The little accents can work wonders especially with a destination wedding – embrace your location, venue surrounds and your wedding photography will look amazing –

Fun and games | Wedding Ideas | Ste Walker Photography

Floating in by balloon …..optional..


Think Symbolic:

Celebrant | Symbolic Ceremony | Ste Walker Photography

This one has long been a hot topic with me and I have written blogs on this many times.

Opting to say I do in a completely personalised ceremony – one that has been written especially for you, about you and your hopes, aspirations, plans and dreams with meaningful vows has no small significance.   Make this a ceremony to remember,  you get to decide on the tone, who is involved, what you wish to say to each other in front of your loved ones and you can make it more inclusive by inviting your guests to get involved too.

The other good things about a symbolic:

Once you have decided on your venue there is no worry to coincide the date with the Town Hall which is something that happens with the civil ceremony.

Know your date in advance so you can send out your Save the Dates nice and early and your guests can get those all important flight and hotel deals.

No legal requirements to be met or stress over

Yes Two Times:  If you do the legal procedure at home – why not then have a dual location wedding.  Two special occasions – perfect for family and friends who are unable to travel with you.  A simple registry office wedding followed an informal drink or gathering.  Rock your wedding at home and abroad.

Elope Scope:

Italian Style | Ste Walker Photography

For those of you who wonder what happens with an elope – the answer is anything your heart desires.  We can arrange so many special things for you, a private boat trip, a personalised tour of Naples, a chauffeur and classic car ride of the famous Amalfi Coast and the very best photographers to ensure all those special moments are captured for those cosy moments on the sofa.

Thanks to Ste Walker – UK based destination wedding phtographer for these fab images – I have had such great fun working with Ste this year and looking forward to some beautiful weddings in 2018.

Starting your destination wedding planning can often be overwhelming if you need a little help some help or guidance you can reach  me

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