Becoming a virtual destination wedding planning consultant

This is very new and honestly I do not know where I will go with this journey.  I had every intention to leave the wedding industry.  Yes Covid and Brexit influenced my decision and a few other things.

I had legacy weddings to see through and that was going to be it.  I did a lot of career shift work and personal development and realised I love organising, the behind scenes stuff and the details – both design and admin. End result?  It looks like I am still going to be in the wedding sector by building a suite of virtual destination wedding planning services specifically for couples who want to plan their own wedding in Italy.

90 minutes of tailored wedding planning for destination couples

I am going to be bringing 14+ years of experience of destination planning in a 90 minute virtual consultation format.

Paperwork for civil weddings or church weddings

The key things you will need to know and do to get the paperwork in order.

Accentuating Styling, Design and Lifestyle Priorities

I am going BIG on my styling and design service.  I have a vivid imagination, love finding solutions to problems and looking for new concepts and ideas.

My own experience of working with a professional stylist sparked my interest and I have taken masterclasses to expand my knowledge and let loose my creative imagination.

I have given my style a list of descriptive phases – if these phrases resonate with you and feature in your personal make-up then I think we are going to have such a strong connection.

I will call these phrases my poetic intent:

Tease out the bubbling effervescent beauty of the natural world

Union of all that you desire and those things that delight and bring comfort

Being present to everything that surrounds you

Curate a sharing, soulful and sensory moment in time

The magic that happens when everyone is in tune – Wedding Flow!

Alchemy – elevating the everyday into something that the forces of nature will not every recreate

This is what makes life interesting and motivates us to move forward.

Each aspect of the wedding design will have an association to tangible surroundings, aromas, flavours and textures, subtleties that will bring waves of long lasting memories to take you back to time and place.

Together, we’ll cast off expectations and create a personal and connected experience that is tailor made for you.
Anything is possible if you believe it’s possible.

Freedom to be You

Making the wedding cake

What you Need to Know

The idea is to keep these services affordable and accessible.  To do this all services will be provided remotely.  There will be Zoom videos and Whatsapp calls but essentially everything can be shared on-line.

This works perfectly for destination weddings as you would normally be sharing things over email and social media with your wedding planner or supplier.

To find out more you can check out our FAQs.

About My Services

Amanda & Barry

“Jo’s dedication to our day surpasses any experience I’ve ever known. From telephone calls, emails, and a lovely meeting in Soho at Christmas after months of bookings and preparation, Jo talked through how it would all come together. And the legal introduction to her fantastic colleague Carmela who translated the actual wedding ceremony was a big hit instantly with everyone.

On the day, Jo was there for my tears of joy when I saw the reception room she had created from our dreams. Memories last a lifetime and you need a true professional to help and Jo knew how to create this based on our ideas… incredible from start to end.”

Virtual Destination Wedding Planning Services

When you know something you know it.  I have always been someone who loves the open road, travel, the unexpected and adventure. I can be pretty difficult to live with as I believe life is about the memory bank and not things and love opportunities to explore.  I love to move around, mini or major adventures.

On my vision board you will find a vintage Air-Stream and Land Rover (for travel purposes), beautiful coastal images, and of course dogs.  My dream would be to travel around pitching up in the kind of setting that speaks to your heart, powerful, soulful, massive just breath-taking.  Absorbing the surrounding, noises, aromas and get out my fabulously sleek device and help all you guys who need support with your planning.  Simple.

I am not there yet with the Air-Stream but the idea of offering virtual wedding planning services for couples who want to venture abroad to Italy for their wedding is happening.  Only recently have I taken steps to make this happen.

The last 18 months have been a challenge, no-one wants a planner when you can’t plan weddings.  Things changed I went from actively planning to becoming a coach supporting couples through a pretty rotten time.  For a while it felt like everyone had fallen out of love with wedding planning.

Against the deluge of emails to postpone and cancel I began to pay attention to my thoughts on how I could progress with Accent Events to make things just that little better.  Couples were deciding to down scale and go for smaller weddings in between the lockdowns, they were connecting with what were priorities for them.  Let’s face it we all had time to assess/reassess.  If I could not do the big things, then what I could do is to support in a flexible and agile way for the must-haves of wedding planning.

I thought I was going to walk away from weddings completely but that wasn’t the problem.  I realised that during the busy months I had little control of when I was home or not.  I missed my dogs on top of managing the odd strike that prevented me getting home, our house-sitters flooding our bathroom and returning home to a stained yellow kitchen ceiling.  I didn’t want that hassle anymore.

It really wasn’t obvious to me that I could provide virtual services even though Zoom became the life blood for us planners.   I just did not think the emotional association attached to weddings would translate to the tech world.

Then along came Covid and the speed at which business changed to remote and virtual working was mind-blowing.

If I wanted to remain in the game and continue my success I needed Accent Events to change.  The world needs virtual experts for destination wedding planning.

This is it I am going virtual.  I am here to support couples who do not want or need full bespoke wedding planning.

Those services I am taking to the virtual space are:

Destination Wedding Planning Consultations

Legal Paperwork and Document Legalisation

Styling & Design, Wedding Moodboards

Not an extensive portfolio but these are fundamental services you can select as a single service or link them together to help you with your destination wedding planning.

“If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life”

Take at look at this wedding on Sardinia.  It was all about blending Chinese culture against the most majestic mountain range as the backdrop to a ceremony.  Very humbling and extremely beautiful. It was more than a well executed event, it was about interconnection, places of significance, traditions and new families, so happy it was published.

To me, weddings and events are all too often associated with expectations, restrictions, stress, and expense. It really doesn’t need to be that way. The key is to be prepared, have those important conversations, make sure you are both  on the same page as to what you want and have a plan.

When you are chosen specifically to help fulfil a dream or to solve a problem it means something to a small business.  There is mutual support. Together we are forming a very special project.  This remains the same for me even though my involvement will not be at the same level.

Events have evolved into highly sensory experiences, we want more for ourselves, families and friends.  Living in the moment not just standing on the side lines.  To continue to help couples achieve this makes me very happy.