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Engaged with YOU

I get so much joy introducing what I do.  I am a destination wedding planner for weddings in Italy and Cambridgeshire.

Home is a small village in Cambridgeshire where I design bespoke weddings for couples who grab life with both hands, making each day count.  Couples of all ages with adventure in their hearts, who retain that sense of wonder who engage with their surroundings.

Accent Event couples are not afraid of treading their own path, they are not bound by tradition and look for unique experiences, those things that make your heart beat faster and your eyes open just that little bit wider and that make you catch your breath.

My role is to match your vision with creative professionals who share your passion for seeking out the extraordinary in the everyday, whether it is in your favourite Italian hideaway or here at home.  Creatives who understand you and your ideas and together we will curate an experience like no other.

Be Present

It matters to me that you are in the moment on your wedding day, you feel a strong connection to those people who will surround you and be fully aware of all that is happening.  It is an important day to be forever nestled in your memory and will be talked about for years to come.

Long lasting Memories

Each aspect of the wedding design will have an association to tangible surroundings, aromas, flavours and textures, subtleties that will bring waves of long lasting memories to take you back to time and place.

Together, we’ll cast off expectations and create a personal and connected experience that is tailor made for you. Whether that’s a party-sized gathering in the English countryside or a sensory feast with loved ones under the Italian stars for your second time around, anything is possible.

Freedom to be You

I’m here to give you the freedom and flexibility to celebrate the way you want that is authentic to who you are, leaving stress behind you, so your hearts can be fully present in each unforgettable moment.

How I can help you plan your wedding in Italy?
Now in  Cambridgeshire too.

As I am UK based I can meet you in Cambridge or London by appointment after our discovery call.  This really is a must do step as we will be partners-in-wedding planning for 12-18 months we need to know if we are compatible, if you like my approach and how I work

Communication is key.
At the early stage of destination wedding planning you will need answers, often quickly. I get that and can answer most questions without delay, this will help you move forward on your decision-making.

I have 11 years of experience of managing supplier relationships to get the best outcome for you.

You will be assured that your wedding will be truly unique as I respond to your ideas, styles and requests.

To start the wedding planning process we have a consultation session where we will delve in to how your wedding will look, the physical aspects, location, time of year, time of day; feelings and sensations of how you would like your guests to interact with the surroundings and their participation on your wedding day.

I will bring together a fabulous A(ccent) team of creatives who will relate to your vision and will be the centre point for communication to ensure every wish and decision is conveyed as you wish.

Not only do I plan weddings in the most well-known locations, I still have a wanderlust in my heart and will venture to lesser known regions of Italy to discover the perfect spot for your ideas to come to life.

Time is so precious, with 11 years of destination wedding planning in Italy I will save you time.  Managing the practical side of planning so that this exciting experience remains stress free for you both.

Making the wedding cake

Amanda & Barry

“Jo’s dedication to our day surpasses any experience I’ve ever known. From telephone calls, emails, and a lovely meeting in Soho at Christmas after months of bookings and preparation, Jo talked through how it would all come together. And the legal introduction to her fantastic colleague Carmela who translated the actual wedding ceremony was a big hit instantly with everyone.

On the day, Jo was there for my tears of joy when I saw the reception room she had created from our dreams. Memories last a lifetime and you need a true professional to help and Jo knew how to create this based on our ideas… incredible from start to end.”


Jo Daye Destination Wedding Planner Next Step Ste Walker Photography

As a destination wedding planner for Italy, I am so fortunate to travel to many of its wonderfully diverse regions each year.

I have European genes, from Polish-Italian parents. Italy is part of my heritage but you will find me right on your doorstep in Cambridgeshire. During the winter months I am mainly in my small home office and then from April to October, I build up air miles with my trusty suitcase touching down in Lake Como, Tuscany, Umbria, Puglia, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast and many places in between.

My association with growing up in Cambridgeshire includes fun memories of picnics and strawberry picking.  We had a community of Italian and Polish friends, when we got together it was quite loud, but I loved it as it was neighbourly.

Each summer we would return to Italy, to my Mum’s small village in Calabria,right down the boot of Italy. Cherished moments with my white-haired grandmother and sitting in the cool of her basement kitchen making homemade pasta.  Drinking very milky coffee in the morning and running around without a care as everyone looked out for us.

Most afternoons we would climb the many steps up to my Aunty’s house from there we would take the daily passeggiata as this was lemon-flavoured ice-cream time, my favourite until I discovered pear and ricotta ice-cream as an adult.

Sitting on cool stone steps in the shady narrow streets when Mum would chat to neighbours in a mix of Italian and English, as it would take her a week or so to adjust.

It was a simple life that I appreciate more with each passing year, those memories have stayed with me.

My Life before Wedding Planning

I really did not set out to be a destination wedding planner in Italy, I wanted to be a jockey and ride horses at Newmarket!  That didn’t happen.  I fell in love with one of my favourite cities in the world, London, and worked for some well-known global companies.  Looking back now most of my roles prior to the set up of Accent Events included many key skills.

Catering Assistant Manager – hospitality
Probation PA – dealing with the unexpected
Medical Insurance PA – knowledge & detail
Start up for global management challenge game for senior managers –  building from the bottom up, sales, finance, customer relationship
Adventure Tour Leader – leadership, planning, public speaking, budgeting, setting and meeting expectations
Project Coordinator for Financial Publisher – organisation, process and policy
Change and Release Management in IT – business as usual, projects, auditing and communication

This is me

I have a passion for travel, a head for practicalities, and a desire for bringing your ideas to life.  Being able to fulfil a shared goal energisers me particularly if it hasn’t been done before and is on the quirky scale.

It would be strange to compare me to the glamorous style of wedding planner you will find in your research.

The decision to say yes to grey hair came a few years ago. Eye glasses are a weakness I have several pairs.  Rescue dogs have my heart, Mr Mops and Sugar are our most recent rescues.  I am serial mover combined with refurbishing old properties and I am an adventurer at heart, inspired by the great outdoors.

I dream of a retro Airstream mobile home and travelling the open roads.  I find the sea mesmerising and love the sound of wind in the trees.

How does your wedding look and feel for you?

When asked to help a couple achieve their dream it becomes a very special project.  Last year I had the pleasure of organising a wedding on Sardinia, blending Chinese culture against the most majestic mountain range as the backdrop to a ceremony.  Very humbling and extremely beautiful. I was fortunate to have this published.

“If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life”

To me, weddings and events are all too often associated with expectations, restrictions, stress, and expense. Which is why I like to do things differently. Honest, straightforward, and transparent, you’re my priority, I am on your side.

Through meticulous planning, attention to detail, and plenty of support along the way.  I will aim to get as close to your dream as possible.  I’m all about creating an exhilarating, personal experience that starts the moment you get in touch.

Just be you

Traditional isn’t a word I associate with myself,  I haven’t always had the support or encouragement behind me to pursue a dream and that can be hard some times, going against the grain, opinions and negativity can be draining.

I guess it is the same for some of  you, fulfilling expectations can be an unnecessary pressure.  So please know that I am here, I am going to support you and I look forward to hearing all about your wondrous story.

*** NEW NEWS*** Weddings in Cambridgeshire

Time for something new for me.  Wedding planning in Cambridgeshire.  I had to ask myself why not?  I have been asked a thousand times why I hadn’t thought of weddings at home, an easy commute for sure.  I ran out of excuses so I decided I would.  To get started I collaborated with some phenomenal people for two photo shoots.   You can check these out here.