New Venue for your Sorrento Civil Wedding

Next year is already looking like a great year with the news that one of my favourite venues in Italy will be able to offer wedding couples the option of a legal civil wedding ceremony on the beautiful garden terrace of Art Hotel Villa Fiorella.


It’s so exciting that more venues are taking the step of working with their local Town Hall so that they are able to offer couples more choice for the setting for their ceremony by giving them the opportunity for an immersive Italy experience for a more heartfelt wedding celebration that is in keeping with the couple’s ideas and style.

The Art Hotel Villa Fiorella has taken this step, where once it was only possible to have symbolic ceremonies, this charming and experience-led hotel can now offer guests a legal civil ceremony.


This is something that is happening in the UK too, although in the very early stages, there is an on-going review on existing marriage law and the possibility of changing, when and where you can be married.  You can read more about this in my previous post  ‘UK Marriage Laws Might Be Changing’.


The Art Hotel Villa Fiorella’s ethos is to give their guests an experience that will live long in their memories.  You will arrive as guests and leave as friends.  It is a full on sensory experience and it is one of the reason’s I suggested the beautiful terrace gardens plus the limitless expanse of sea and sky for an intimate ceremony for an intrepid Norwegian couple, Elisabeth and Howard.

The garden terrace is on a lower level to the hotel main building.  There is a curtain of cascading rosemary which runs the entire length of the garden,  there are olive trees and rose bushes, this amazing space was solely for private use for our couple and where their guests could mingle and chat happily before the ceremony began.

Pairing the couple’s desire for a non-traditional ceremony with a relaxed vibe and the iconic scenery of this particular part of the world, the Art Hotel Villa Fiorella is a haven for those couples who wish to feel connected to their surroundings and those family and friends present.


The ceremony took place in the early evening as the light began to change, the sun was still quite strong and the rays of light reflecting off the sea and the diamanté beads hung from the olive trees made everything twinkle and sparkle.  It really was a calm, moving and magical setting.

The ceremony was scripted by Carmela – Italy Celebrant, over the months of planning Carmela got to know their story, how they met, and the balance of their relationship and wove this in to the heartfelt and meaningful words that became the message of their commitment to each other. See “A Celebrant Led Wedding Ceremony” for more inspiration.

I adored the hand fasting ceremony, the smooth texture of the ribbon draped on their skin creating a physical sensation which will be stored away and remembered long after their wedding experience. The chairs had been set up in a semi-circle to surround the couple, everyone here was supporting Elisabeth and Howard and by introducing the act of ‘ring warming’ where the rings are passed between guests picking up the energy and love before the couple said their ring exchange vows.

The team at Art Hotel Villa Fiorella had prepared a chilled space in the shade for everyone to relax after the ceremony.   A prosecco and aperitivo buffet provided the fizz and flavours and gave everyone the opportunity to congratulate the couple and soak up and process the significance of  this moment and the atmosphere.


The sun was beginning to set, it was the perfect time for Elisabeth and Howard to have some time to themselves and enjoy the romance and serenity of time and place.


Elisabeth’s dress was simple and  elegant and suited this incredibly hot day, it moved with her, it was almost romanesque in style and was complimented by a pink and white rose and peony bouquet mixed with eucalyptus foliage, these colours were carried through to the arrangement for the ceremony, both designed by Giuseppe Terrecuso.


We knew that the garden would not need much embellishment, with the help of our friends at Wedding Chairs & Co we decided that less was more, and that the items selected enhanced the experience, from the “Welcome to Our Wedding” sign, the elegant white chairs placed in the semi-circle facing out to sea, the diamanté beads hung in the olive trees that would glimmer when caught by the breeze and we decided to keep a more natural look for the ceremony table by using a wooden barrel – no one thing dominated, everything in balance.

The team at the Art Hotel Villa Fiorella are all about creating the most personal experience for its guests, and it the reason I love working with them.  The passion they have for what they do and for the environment in which they work is in the fabric of the place.

Prosecco Toast | Celebration | Wedding Inspiration


In recognition of what couple’s wish to create for their wedding day 2020 will be the year that Art Hotel Villa Fiorella will be able to blend the look of the location with the necessary legalities for a civil wedding without compromising the atmosphere and feeling.

I am at my happiest when I partner with those intrepid couples who have the spirit of adventure in their hearts, who will remain true to who they are when it comes to their wedding day.  They are looking for experiences that make their heart beat faster, they are going to take time to build those legacy moments as keepsakes for themselves and also to share.  If this sounds like you then I would love to help you design an unforgettable celebration, you can connect with me here.

To enjoy more of this gorgeousness here are some more wonderful images courtesy of Gaetano D’Auria Photographer


Venue:  Art Hotel Villa Fiorella
Photographer:  Gaetano D’Auria
Celebrant: Carmela – Italy Celebrant
Wedding Chairs & Decorative Items:  Wedding Chairs & Co
Wedding Flowers: Giuseppe & Luisa Terrecuso