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Collaborating with brilliant and talented wedding creatives in both the UK and Italy, I specialise in meticulously organised weddings and events that capture a sense of connectedness, meaning, and magic. I’m for intrepid individuals who aren’t afraid of the road less travelled. Some are simply swept away by the romance of eloping, some, like me, have a little more grey in their hair and a sense of adventure. The thread that joins us all is a desire to do things our own way. To ignite the senses, wow our loved ones with an atmosphere unlike any other, and to experience every life-affirming moment with full hearts and relaxed shoulders.

Accent Events

An accent of Alchemy

There’s an alchemy in those moments in life you never forget. When you can recall with brilliant clarity the smell of the air, the taste of the wine, the sound of the music drifting in waves on the balmy air. Those elements combine to make something that is bigger than the sum of their parts. That’s what we’re seeking. To line up each nuanced detail alongside a backdrop of emotions, senses, history, culture.
To nurture exactly the right conditions for a bit of magic…


I’m Jo, and for more than a decade I’ve been the expert in weddings behind Accent Events. Like all the best journeys, my path here wasn’t linear and continues to change. It all started when I left the corporate world to take groups of adventure travellers around Europe. During that time I met my husband Martin (now an indispensable part of the A-Team) and discovered that heading into places I didn’t know, thinking on my feet, and planning trips for different types of people brings out the very best in me.

I decided to start Accent Events as a fresh, honest approach to wedding planning in Italy, and now venturing in to weddings and events in England too. As a practical, hands-on kind of person, I believe my role is as your most trusted ambassador and collaborator, enriching your experience with creative vision, bringing together a team of visionary creatives that understand your values, and getting stuck into logistics.

With Italy in my blood and Cambridgeshire as my base, I just love the challenge of creating something that’s never been done before for a diverse range of wonderfully interesting people. That’s got to be one of the best bits of my job. We’re partners in crime for upwards of a year and I’m so lucky to count each and every one as a friend for life.

Accent Events | Innovating Weddings & Events in Italy and the UK

Lauren & Stuart

“Jo – or we prefer ‘Superwoman’ – is an absolutely incredible wedding coordinator. Words cannot describe just how fantastic she is at her job. When I first spoke to Jo, I was clueless about where to begin with our wedding and she was immediately warm and helpful and made me feel as though she had all the time in the world for me. She conjured up many dreamy scenes of the range of possibilities available in Italy, from beach weddings and Lakeside settings to enchanting rustic villas.

Jo embraced our ideas and made suggestions too based on her wealth of experience. She completely understood what we hoped to achieve and was infinitely helpful, even to the point of taking fans and candles in her hand luggage for us!

Over in Italy, she insisted she and her husband Martin do everything, and their help was an absolute godsend and their attention to detail was incredible. We were overwhelmed by Jo and her team; we couldn’t have done it without them and will be eternally grateful.”