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 Bespoke Planning Services

 My approach to bespoke planning is to build a relationship with you, so that you will know that I hear you and understand what is going to make your special event, just that, SPECIAL.

Share your wish list with me without reservation and I will present you with beautiful and surprising choices until the perfect day presents itself.

By choosing bespoke wedding planning, there is no preconceived idea of how your wedding should be.   Home or abroad, large or small, all white or bold and colourful, when you revisit your day it will be without regret.

It’s Original

Accent Events bespoke wedding planning in Italy or UK will be a one off, an original, there will be no other like it.  It has never been done before, in fact it hasn’t existed until it has been designed for you. That’s a great feeling.

Bespoke wedding planning is responsive, by understanding your priorities and how you wish your wedding to look and feel is the alchemy that will bring those ideas to reality.

Pleasing everyone whilst keeping your day authentic is a big challenge for couples.  My role will be cheer you on, step in as your confidante, while making this an inspiring liberating adventure.

It’s so exciting to work with couples where there is a mix of culture and tradition, blended with modern ideas and fantastic locations.  They look a lot like this!

I don’t do neat little packages as people rarely fit into those. Together we’ll start with a blank page, designing your celebration from the ground up.

Whether your wedding is a 3-day gathering for a large group of friends and family, or you dream of eloping to the most romantic place you know, I will be there step by step to guide you on the possibilities and practicalities and of course mindful of your budget and what to expect.

Read more about my bespoke wedding planning service here.

Reinaldo & Jodie

“From the moment we contacted Accent Events, Jo guided us on a smooth, stress-free journey to our wedding date. And our journey was not a simple one! An Australian Brit, marrying a Brazilian Italian, living in London, wanting to legally marry in Italy – but we did it! Jo met us in London and really got to know our style, budget and what was important to us.

She arranged four venue viewings that were just spot on. Two were great, one was exactly what we wanted, and one was beyond our wildest dreams. Jo was so organised, everything else just fell into place. No detail was forgotten. And on the day Jo and Martin went above and beyond. Torrential rain, family medical problems, yet the day continued seamlessly. And it was magical. One month on and everyone continues to tell me that it was the best wedding they have ever been to. And we could not have done it alone. No words can ever thank Jo and Martin enough!”