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A Celebrant Led Wedding Ceremony

Deciding the who, what, why, when, and where of your wedding ceremony can open up many areas of debate. It can feel confusing, trying to understand all the laws

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UK Marriage Visitor Visa

This one is for all non-EEA (European Economic Area) individuals and couples who wish to get married in the UK – you will need a UK Marriage Visitor Visa.

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UK Marriage Laws Might Be Changing

Change is in the air Times are changing…hopefully. The UK government has started a review of current marriage laws and I am very excited by the possibilities.

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Spirit of Adventure

The Adventure Together Hand in hand, with their fingers entwined, the couple walked through the long grass. They had travelled quite the journey to get here. Ye

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I’m Jo, a Cambridgeshire based expert in weddings in Italy and England for intrepid souls seeking connected, grounded, and unforgettable experiences. Dreaming of buying a vintage airstream and taking in beautiful places around the world as I stand on the step, steaming cup of coffee in hand and husband Martin by my side.