Welcome to Italy

The uninvited wedding guest

As an Italy Wedding Planner based in the UK I have an interest in what is happening in Europe for my clients and also for myself as I will be travelling between

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Fairy Lights

Choosing the perfect Italy wedding venue

When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding venue for your big day your venue is going to be a star draw.  No pressure but your venue has some serious expect

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Change | One message doesn't fit all

One message does fits all?

Oh my goodness if you want an example of forcing change without good communication it is playing out in our media right now.  Harry and Meghan are blazing a tr

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Child Kissing Bride | Wedding Experience

Design the wedding that makes your soul sing

I chose bespoke planning over selling packaged wedding options to offer couples the opportunity and freedom to design the wedding that makes your soul sing. Act

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Jo Blog(ger) pun intended.  I’m Jo, SALT & PEPPER hair with a Peter Pan-esque tendency.  Is there anyone out there like me?  Hope so.
ADVENTURER.  Traveller. Listen rather than talk. ENERGISERS – transforming things and places; the sound of the SEA; wind in the trees.  Happy looking for treasure on the BEACH.  Rescue DOGS are my favourite breed. Favourite time of day – sunrise, sunset and STARRY skies.  Seasons:  Spring and Autumn.  Soft spot:  Old houses that need TLC.  Love:  LAUGHTER, great story-tellers, black and white PHOTOGRAPHY and making dreams come true.  Daydream: owning a vintage Airstream and taking part in a DANCING flash mob.