Creating Space and Letting Go

I started my week by helping a friend. It was a simple ask to help her create space and to be her support in letting go of some possessions. Specifically shoes,

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Changing direction 2021

It has been an on again off again road to changing direction. This year 2021 I took action.  I signed myself up for an 8 week programme to help me make a signi

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What you need to know about Italy Weddings Right Now

I would never have imagined I would be obsessed with Covid19 announcements, travel corridors and quarantines.  It has become a daily ‘to do’ keepin

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Where to Wed | Home or Abroad

Where to Wed. Home or Abroad in a time of Covid19

Making the decision of where to wed  at home or abroad as we are still coping with the repercussions of Covid-19 is a very real dilemma.  When I wrote this ar

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I’m Jo.
My blog is my wedding journal.  Helpful top tips and latest news.  Everything you will need to know about what I am up to.
Bookmark my wedding journal to save you time and keep you informed.

I LISTEN rather than talk.   I  LOVE making things and I always have a PLAN.
My ENERGISERS – transforming things and places; the sound of the SEA; WIND in the trees.  My HAPPIES – looking for treasure on the BEACH.  Rescue DOGS are my favourite breed. Favourite time of day – SUNRISE + SUNSET and STARRY skies.  Seasons:  SPRING and AUTUMN.  Soft spot:  Old houses that need TLC.  Love:  LAUGHTER, great story-tellers, black and white PHOTOGRAPHY and making dreams come true.  Daydream: owning a vintage Airstream and taking part in a DANCING flash mob.