New Venue for your Sorrento Civil Wedding

Next year is already looking like a great year with the news that one of my favourite venues in Italy will be able to offer wedding couples the option of a lega

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Is A Full Wedding Planning Service Right For You?

Today’s post follows on from ‘The Role Of A Full Wedding Planner’. I want to share some further insight, to help answer the question: is a Full Weddin

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Full Wedding Planner | Accent Events

The Role Of A Full Wedding Planner

The Stylist, the Partial Planner/Coordinator, the Operational On-the-day Coordinator, the Full Wedding Planner. There are so many titles used to describe simila

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Handfasting | Symbolic Ceremony |

A Celebrant Led Wedding Ceremony

Deciding the who, what, why, when, and where of your wedding ceremony can open up many areas of debate. It can feel confusing, trying to understand all the laws

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