FAQs Civil wedding ceremony Italy Legal requirements Livio Lacurre

FAQs for a Civil Wedding in Italy

Congratulations, you’re getting married!  I am sharing some FAQs for a civil wedding in Italy with you. for what needs to happen and when? It is so impor

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Symbolic Wedding Ceremony Seaview Mrs Justson Photography

The Rise of the Symbolic Wedding Ceremony in Italy

Here’s a prediction from little ol’ me as to why we will see the rise of the symbolic wedding ceremony in Italy. What is a Symbolic Wedding Ceremony? A symb

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Postponing your wedding in Italy Accent Events

Five reasons for a winter wedding in Italy

My Best tips on why a winter wedding could be just the thing! I usually do this post later in the year but as we are going through a very unique experience with

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Welcome to Italy

The uninvited wedding guest Covid-19

**update  04/05/20 I wrote this blog in February and since then so much has changed our lives not just in the UK and Italy but across the globe.  The wedding

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I’m Jo.
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I LISTEN rather than talk.   I  LOVE making things and I always have a PLAN.
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