It Takes Two

It takes two to meet and fall in love!  It takes two (in my personal view) to design a well planned celebratory event for you.  During the lockdown phase how to support couples was at the forefront of my thinking.  Even though we are now in the recovery phase my new way of working is all about supporting international couples for destination weddings in Italy.  The best way forward in my opinion to provide expert advice remotely and a strong location team to take care of you!

The best “Ever” Experience for your Italy wedding

Having experienced the last two years of ever changing travel restrictions, in my opinion it really did need a “It Takes Two” approach to deliver the best ever experience for your Italy wedding celebrations – as we recover.

Getting straight to the point, I made some big decisions and changes during Covid. The biggest was to turn working solo as a bespoke wedding planner, to designing a suite of services that could be delivered remotely and making select referrals to in location Italy planners.

Shake it up

Operating in reactive mode in those early months was not sustainable.  Couples were, understandably, looking for answers that I just didn’t have.  No one at that time could give any definitive answer as to what was happening.

Our incredible, creative industry that brings joy, family and friends together, was broken for a while.

Repetitively postponed weddings and wondering how the heck I was going to manage not testing positive for Covid and keeping a calendar of destination weddings going.

My business needed to shake it up.  So this is what I did.

Same name new way of planning

I swapped full bespoke planning and on site coordination for a detailed and personalised 1 on 1 virtual destination wedding consultation.  After 14 years of planning weddings abroad in many of Italy’s regions I have a wealth of practical planning and design experience.

Virtual wedding consultation

This is a 90 minute session with you both and you get to choose how you use those 90 minutes.  You can choose to have either:

Essentials of Destination Wedding Planning:  this is for those couples who love the idea of a wedding in Italy but do not have a clue about where to start and what to consider.  We will cover all the main topics to make sure that you will be wedding ready.


Priorities for DIY Destination Weddings in Italy:  This is for couples who have started planning but have hit a few bumps in the road.  You can personalise this session so we will focus on those things that you need to resolve.

Action Plan

At the end of the consultation I will produce an Action Plan and I will also make my personal referral to those professionals with whom I have worked and are the perfect fit for you.

It takes listening carefully to what is being said to make a great “pairing” with a wedding professional knowing who will fit with and support a particular couple is something that comes with years of experience.

Meet Laura

I would like to introduce you to Laura based on the Amalfi Coast.  Some of reasons  I would refer couples to Laura:

Laura is knowledgeable about the location and is passionate about what she does and where she lives.
Long distance couples who are unlikely to make a pre wedding visit to Italy and need the immediacy of someone who is local and responsive.
Bespoke wedding couples who have a clear vision of the look and feel for the wedding day and want that little extra something!

Your relationship with Italy

A destination wedding comes with an association to a different experience.  As someone who knows the region in depth, Laura can make suggestions and recommendations that will give a very different look to your wedding specially when it comes to authentic style, photography and videography.

I asked Laura a few questions about her style.

Laura, your work is amazing, how long have you been making couple’s dreams happen on the Amalfi Coast?

I moved to the Amalfi Coast for love almost 4 years ago. I am originally from Monterosso al Mare (Cinque Terre). I’ve more than 20 years of experience not only in the banqueting events area with extensive experience and knowledge to support couples who dream of their wedding in Italy.  It is very special to me.

What is it about weddings that makes you passionate about your work?

Happiness is love, seeing the emotions in the eyes of my couples on their most beautiful day is priceless and I get just as excited as the couple every time!. Each couple has a story to tell through a memory …a travel adventure…a moment of their love and we love to tell these aspects and it is my passion to bring to life their dreams.

What are your 3 top tips for couples who are thinking about getting married in Italy?

  • First of all ask to a highly skilled wedding consultant how to approach the organization of a wedding Abroad. 
  • Ask for support for the documents required to celebrate a catholic or civil ceremony
  • Couples simply need to rely on an expert destination wedding planner and provide with information on their chosen date, location, ceremony type (whether civil, religious or symbolic), guest numbers and how they wish and imagine the most beautiful day of their life to be.  It is a perfect match.

For those couples who live far from Italy and may not be able to travel before their wedding day – how do you create a connection so they feel a part of the planning process?

Technology today help a lot, above all after the pandemic Covid-19 this concept got stronger, through this means of communication. We need to create synergy with couples by creating a virtual environment where they can express their desires, and receive an immediate response.  It is so important for couples to feel they have choice and this will be curated by their wedding planner.

“My sunshine and my experience are my business card. My eyes will be your eyes and together we will travel the journey of Love. I adore working with people and I make their dreams my dreams! I love the challenge and satisfaction of creating fairytales. My local knowledge and vast experience are blended with my passion for weddings and events and for making wishes come true!”

Do you think that after the last two years couples need extra assurance when it comes to committing to a wedding abroad?

Yes, it’s very important that they choose a professional destination wedding planner who can managed any emergencies with professionalism and competence

I chose this way because my activity as Wedding Planner & Destination Wedding Planner is certified Uniter UNI Pdr 61/19 internationally. It’s an International Certification Wedding Planning

Why do you feel collaborating with someone like me works in the couple’s favour?

I love the collaboration with an experienced professional in this industry.  The opportunity is a combination of positive creative ideas, a professional relationship based on trust and a similar ethos to support the couple in every aspect of planning.  It is a win win cooperation that benefits the couple from the initial consultation all the way through to living the experience on their wedding day.

It’s seems as a puzzle where each piece completes the missing part!

It’s personal

A personal referral gives the greatest confidence. Once a couple has had their consultation, they will be ready to start their relationship with someone like Laura who will be able to deliver the vision of their wedding.   The gorgeous images above are examples of Laura’s work and how she can showcase your design style whatever that may be.

This change is significant for me, as it has removed any angst that for some reason I would not be able to be on site personally.  You will have the support of two experienced professionals one UK-based and the other on location in Italy, loving what we do.

This is a change that is designed to leave you confident in your choices, in a great place to begin your design with someone like Laura.

Book your destination wedding consultation here and let us take care of everything for you here in the UK and of course in idyllic Italy where you will be able to let go of any stress and totally own your wedding day knowing every small detail has been well planned by a great ‘It takes two’ team.