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Choose a wedding that makes your soul sing

A wedding that makes your soul sing

Weddings in the 21st century are no longer about tradition.  Now is the time to choose a wedding that makes your soul sing. 

I chose bespoke planning over selling packaged wedding options to offer couples the opportunity and freedom to design the wedding that makes your soul sing.

What lies behind my style of wedding planning

Actually there is more behind the planning I do.  

The couple and their guests live the experiences.  It is so much better to contribute and participate than to sit on the side lines and observe. To get to that stage involves a lot of behind the scenes research and planning.

Weddings have evolved into highly personalised and heartfelt events and are no longer about following traditions or just turning up to admire the view. 

Today’s modern wedding is about curating a special moment in time, in a special place and sharing those things you are passionate about with special people.

There may be a strong argument to earn more through selling packages, you can certainly plan more weddings, but on a personal level, bespoke planning gives me job satisfaction on a different level. 

What is important to me is that I want to be involved throughout the whole planning period and for you to feel there is a connection to me as a person.

I want you to feel that I am not only your cheerleader for supporting your ideas but that I am there to be your ambassador for all the relationships that will be made for your wedding day. 

To process inquiry forms where services have been pre-selected is an efficient way of doing business but it misses the human connection.  And if it is one thing I have learned is that although the wedding industry is a very big business,  no couple wants to feel that they “being processed”.  Next couple!

What I love about my job

It is the best bit of my job, connecting with couples at a significant moment in their lives that speaks to them on a different level. That may sound a bit woo woo but when something rings true it really does make your soul sing. It is true for me.

My experience and growth is because of the people I meet, the requests I receive and the solutions we design together to bring ideas to life.

Bespoke weddings are responsible for the changes in wedding trends and every couple’s ideas influence the wedding world, that makes my work so interesting. 

I get to be perhaps one of the first people they will share their ideas with.  In the world of commerce you would be asking for a Non-Disclosure Agreement!

Knowing Me, Knowing You  

Your wedding day is very important to me, it is not just about how it will look on the actual day it is also about how everyone will feel. 

The pace and tone is designed so that you do not experience that feeling of being carried along so that the next day things become a blur. It is about making sure your wishes are translated.  It is so important to be heard, you can read more about that in my last post – I said No.

I work best with couples who are confident about their style, have an adventurous outlook and still retain the spirit of adventure.  My ideal couple is fully aware of the time that will be invested in creating something that is unique to them.  I like to think by giving a couple what they want is my special kind of luxury service.

If a traditional white wedding with all its formalities does not fit with how you choose to celebrate and you do not have the time to devote to working out how to go about designing a different style of wedding, this is where I can help you. 

Research and planning are my forté and you will have the assurance of knowing what is happening at every step.  

The key things you should know about how I operate

  1. I engage with you in person at the earliest possible time. I am based in Cambridgeshire meeting locally can be easily arranged.
  2. The rapport we have between us is super important and no better way to get to know each other is by meeting in person. I love this first meeting and there is so much excitement in the air, we will talk about the look and feel of your wedding day as well as discuss practical things.  During the course of the planning there will be other meetings at the key phases.
  3. The first phase of wedding planning includes:  writing up your wedding brief, discussing your options for the type of ceremony available to you based on your personal circumstances, your priorities for your wedding day, the look and feel of the wedding events and what you want from the venue and location, plus the practicalities of arrival and travel, accommodation set up.  
  4. I need two key pieces of information from you guideline budget and guest numbers.   This information will enable me to identify venue options that are a potential match.  
  5. In some cases other creatives may join the team early on, especially if your wedding day has a theme OR if you have particular suppliers whose work you admire and are much in demand then these too will be secured on your behalf early on.
  6. At your request I plan an accompanied venue visit.  You will have one of my ‘in-location’ colleagues to guide you and support you.  
  7. Your brief gives me with the information I will need to allocate the time/days needed to work on your wedding and how many team members will be on site to oversee the operational aspects of your wedding. 
  8. I send you a detailed booking form to show the timetable plus predicted number of days to be worked allocated to each phase of the wedding planning period.
  9. I plan based on a percentage of the total wedding budget (12-15%) with a minimum fee plus expenses.  This pricing structure is suited to couples who have a healthy budget and are very aware of the fluidity of bespoke planning and that their own choices will have a direct impact to the budget.
  10. You will always be involved in the decision-making.
  11. I will be your event ambassador throughout the whole planning period and will be on site to oversee the operations.

Real Wedding Brief for 2020 

  • When:  Summer 2020
  • No. of Guests: 60-65
  • Location: Northern Italy – destination wedding
  • Venue: Exclusive use for 2 days
  • Ceremony: Symbolic
  • Budget provided: >40,000 euro
  • Actual Budget >100,000 euro
  • Wedding Team: 3 onsite Accent Events team members.

Couple Profile:

The couple are of mixed nationality. They are very busy and both bride and groom travel extensively for their work and often spend time away from each other. Family and friends will be travelling a long distance to join them.

The bride and groom wish to spend as much time with everyone as possible and have requested that the venue is able to accommodate everyone on site.

The format of the wedding itinerary is over two days.  It is the couple’s wish to give their guests a fully immersive experience of Italy and what the region has to offer.

Services Selection:

The bride and groom chose bespoke handcrafted stationery featuring the venue in water-colour to include on Save the Date, invitations and on the day wedding stationery.  The stationery designer is from the UK.

The videography and photography services have been chosen for their creative style in capturing dramatic scenery and in a documentary style without disrupting the planned events.  Both videographer and photographer are coming from out of region to shoot in Northern Italy.

We have live musicians creating an up tempo, vibrant mood throughout the day.  Although I have researched extensively for a DJ to suit the couple’s style this is still on-going.

There will be interactive entertainment for children, their experience of the day is an important consideration.

There’s a private boat tour with guide the day before the wedding for all guests ending with drinks and informal meal.

The couple have asked to have a dynamic videography and photography session the day before the wedding using two boats on Lake Como.

The symbolic ceremony will be set against the dramatic mountains and lake view.  The couple were very specific in their requirements for the celebrant and this took some time to secure for them.

We are setting up a beauty Salon at the venue so that other guests can take advantage of this service.


I am almost at the stage to begin plotting out the timeline itinerary for both days and I will have a catch up call early next week with the bride and groom.  This will be an international catch up call as the bride and groom are on their Christmas Holidays in Brazil.

There is no limitation to the communication and contact we will have when planning your wedding.  I will try to fit in with your schedule.   I offer pre-booked evening and weekend calls.

Bespoke planning may not fit with everyone’s ideal wedding vision.  Accent Events bespoke planning is I service I provide to you if you wish to ensure your day is designed from the heart and not led by brochures and expectations and your ideas can be explored.  I think that is luxury.  If you have a notion of something just that bit different then let’s talk.

If  you would like to have an exploratory call you can reach me on….

To see the full gallery of images for this wedding click here.  The amazing photographer for this wedding is Antonio Patta of Sardinia Wedding