Creating Space and Letting Go

I started my week by helping a friend. It was a simple ask to help her create space and to be her support in letting go of some possessions. Specifically shoes, boots and bags. We started in the attic, and box by box went through each pair of shoes. Each pair of shoes and every bag was associated with an event, some happy, some sad. There was the odd pair that came with only the memory of purchasing the item.

Sort Out

We grouped by colour, heel height, ballet shoes, court shoes, sandals, trainers, walking shoes, full length boots, 3/4 boots, ankle boots to discover that my friend had purchased the same styles numerous times. The reason for this was that as all the shoes were stored in the attic she forgot what she had bought. Duplication.

Saving things for best

Who out there keeps things for best? I used to do this, I have changed my behaviour and no longer do this. We invest in things we like to hide them away until the right or special occasion. What does that create? A shoe bank? A shoe pension? What does it do? Take up physical space.

The Goal

The goal was to make sure all shoes were accessible and stored in cupboards to avoid doubling up on new pairs of similar shoes. I also had a few key questions ready to get my friend to decide on which items would be kept and those that would go to a local charity shop and go on to new homes to be worn for new occasions.

Creating Attachments

I found this an interesting exercise as to why we choose certain items and create the attachments to memories, people and places.  I surprise for me to see the emotions and to hear the stories.  This bag for this wedding, these shoes for a funeral, those sandals taken on a cruise.

And then the realisation that it is time to clear down, let go and to get excited about what can be done with the new found space.

The end result was that for each pair of shoes or bag kept, a pair of shoes or bag would be heading to a good cause.

Ready for bigger things!

My friend told me it felt good to reduce her shoe and bag collection.  She now feels ready to tackle items that belonged to her mother.  This is a major step.  One that would have been too difficult to do without today’s sort out.

What step(s) are you ready to take?  Do you need someone to help you tackle something that has been on your mind?  Sometimes the idea of getting started can be overwhelming and just a little nudge in support is just what you need to push through.

Sorting out can put to bed some old stuck memories and leave space for new things!