How to Choose the perfect Italy wedding venue

When it comes to how to choose the perfect Italy wedding venue for your big day I am sharing some of my top tips with you.  Your venue is going to be a star draw.  No pressure but your venue has some serious expectations to fulfil.

****Top tip – always do a venue visit to your shortlist of dream Italy wedding locations**** 

What are the things you need to think about?

Not only does your your perfect venue need to fit the dream but it also has to tick all the boxes for meeting your guests requirements too.

  1. Size.  You need to get this right especially if you have fallen for a venue that has a lot of accommodation and asks for exclusive use.  Do you have the guest list to match?  If you intend passing on the cost to your guests you need to ensure you are going to get 100% response to your invitation.    It is likely you will need to put down a deposit and ensure that the remainder of the cost is going to be covered by your guests.  If you have guests who may drop out you may end up having to cover any shortfall.
  2. Location.  You may be an intrepid couple who seeks out the different venue one that has an adventure trail!  You will win many thanks if you are mindful of how your guests are going to reach your venue.  Check what transport options are available as well as their service times.Not all taxi firms run 24/7 and will need to pre-booked.  Bus services to remote locations may be non existent.  If you are expecting the majority if your guests hiring cars – is there enough parking space.Put all the useful information on your wedding website or in your wedding stationery with useful links.
  3. Flexibility.  is your dreamy looking venue going to allow you to get creative with your ideas for your events?  Some venues in Italy are restricted by their business classification so although it can offer accommodation it may not be able to offer a full on all night party on the premises.Check in with your venue what are their conditions are for pre and post events.  If your chosen venue can only accommodate a fraction of your guest numbers will the owner allow a pool party for the remainder of your guests to be on site.
  4. On site catering/private chef:  before going ahead and booking catering for your small villa wedding make sure the venue owner is on board with this. Private villa owners may have their own preferred suppliers.  Are there enough facilities for your guests to use without using private facilities within bedrooms etc.
  5. Access to your venue.  Country side venues and hill top venues may not allow access for large vehicles, nor are they suited to wheelchairs.     You will not be popular if your guests are going to have to walk up a steep hill or walk the cobbled streets of that charming hamlet in their finery and high heels to get to your wedding day.
  6. Getting back to base.  If you are arranging transport for your guests to get back to their accommodation bear in mind that this can be expensive as some taxis and private firms impose a higher rate for evening transfers.
  7. Decorations.  Before you string up all those fairy lights if you are DIY-ing your decorations make sure you are not knocking nails into centuries old buildings.  Do not assume venue staff will help you with your decorations installation and take down.
  8. Staff.  I am often asked for a venue that will allow an all night party, if you are having a bar service or late night catering there is often an additional charge for every hour over the standard service times.
  9. BYO.  Bring your own alcohol is not that usual in Italy and please be mindful when asking this question at a wine producing venue (it does happen!) and do not be surprised if they say no.
  10. Venues with wedding planner.  When discussing your wedding listen carefully to what the wedding planner is suggesting as often an in-house planner will make suggestions or recommendations that are suited to the venue.  If your requests are not being answered in full or there is no flexibility, then even though the venue may look wonderful it could be quite stressful to communicate and get agreement on your personal wedding requests and arrangement ideas.

There are some many more considerations and if this proves a popular post I will do a follow up post.

Check out my Insta feed for a little behind the scenes story for something that happened as a result of a guest not being able to manage the journey up to a venue. This was  a lesson in thinking about your guests capability and mobility before choosing your venue.


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CHOOSING THE PERFECT VENUE / CARRY ME. Mixing a little story telling with some guidance. A few years ago I planned a wedding for a US same sex couple who choose a hilltop castle for their celebrations. As the guys could not do a venue visit I organised a video showing what was involved to access the castle as it is only possible to reach the venue by very steep steps. It was obviously love at first site as I got the go ahead to plan their day. A few months before their wedding a mega storm hit devastated the grounds of the castle, it was so sad to see and this news had to be shared with the couple #forcesofnature again! It was impressive as to what was achieved to getting the castle ready for visitors. A couple of days before the wedding I was taken aback with a request to organise a sedan carry chair for one guest who had back problems and could not climb the steps and would need to be carried. I best not record my true thought. I checked that they had seen my video! I cautioned against this action because of safety reasons especially for the return journey which would be done in the early hours in darkness. They ignored my advice. One of the grooms decided to organise something himself and two of the male guests were going to carry the female guest on a stretcher borrowed from the local ambulance service up the steep steps to the castle. I will never forget the vision of the two male guests who arrived at the castle shirtless, shoeless and sweating buckets carrying the female guest who looked incredibly embarrassed. If you would like to know the end of this story get in touch. Check out my blog for what to consider when choosing your venue. #venue #weddingvenue #toptips

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