Ideas for Celebrating Outside after Lockdown

The mood of the nation is changed, we have a new relationship with the great outdoors.  We are all looking forward to the day when we can get together with our favourite people.  What will you do?  Here are a few ideas for celebrating outside after lock down.

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It is a kinder world we live in, neighbours who were strangers are now like family when we could not be with our own. There is a strong sense of community and looking out for each other.

Home has been our world for several months. I have seen the creative genius of friends doing hilarious recreations of works of art at home after doing a digital tour of a famous museum.  Talents that have been subdued are surfacing.  We prioritised what is important to us and adapted to a lifestyle that was forced upon us and spend many hours inside.

We have had the time to start and complete projects, it has felt good to make bread or banana cake, and tapped into a resourcefulness to make the most out of what was in our cupboard and how we entertained and occupied ourselves.

Generations of families embracing digital communication to stay in touch.    It really has been inspiring.  But now it is time to think about celebrating outside.

Lifestyle Event trends according to me

Adult and child friendly ideas for celebrating outside after lock down.


Who doesn’t have fond memories of a family picnic. The excitement of preparing for a road trip, a picnic basket, blanket,  fruit cordial, homemade jam and scones and a thermos of tea.  I am having a huge nostalgia moment just thinking about this.

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How things have changed since my childhood, swapping ham sandwiches, plastic forks and plates for delicious grazing platters and finger food to be kinder to our environment.   Many of the major super markets do hire schemes for glasses so you can forego the plastic champagne flutes for the real thing.  Stylish picnic dining.  All you need do is choose your perfect place.


A barbecue is possibly the most popular event for celebrating outside.  Day or night time BBQs are always a hit, especially as cooking outside in the summer is less stressful than slowly boiling in a hot kitchen.

Who can resist a colourful decorated garden, a buffet of salads and the sound of sizzling [vegetarian] sausages and excited squeaks from the younger audience dancing under a Pinata.

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BBQs fulfil your Pinterest addiction for  fairy lights, mason jars and eco straws, barrels of ice and ice-tea cocktails.  BBQs can be adapted to suit any outside space, large terrace, decking, patio courtyard or sprawling orchard garden.  Quality time talking, laughing whilst sipping a refreshing cocktail in sunshine or under the stars is magical.

BBQs suit all personality types too, no pressure to join in with group conversation if you don’t want to, find your niche crowd in little pockets of conversation that breakaway and rejoin for a new topic of conversation.

A BBQ means you can mingle when you want to or find a quiet corner to chow down on your chilli-dog.  Add in some entertaining games, a great soundtrack, lots of citronella candles, fire up and get cooking ( or just call the caterers!).

Outdoor movie night

I love this one.  An open air cinema sounds exciting!  Not quite a drive in movie but this can certainly be adapted to suit both adults and young children.   Bring blankets, cushions, homemade popcorn and settle down for a fun evening of classics or rom-coms or even better a sing-along.  If you have a big enough garden why not set up a drive in.   Image from Pinterest via

top lifestyle events for celebrating after lock down open air cinema

At home symbolic ceremonies

The small wedding is going to be the wedding of 2020.  It may not be what you had originally planned but is a way to move forward.  No one likes being in limbo.  Planning for 12 months or more, news that you cannot have everyone celebrate with you isn’t what you imagined.  Keeping positive during this time is so important especially between the two of you.

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We have seen ISO ceremonies taking place in homes across the world.  If you have the opportunity to turn your gazebo, orchard garden or lounge into a very romantic ceremony set up – do it – say all those meaningful things to each other – why wait?  Now is the time to seize the moment and put those ideas in to practice and celebrate outside.

As soon as you can do the legal ceremony and have the big party as a continuation of your wedding celebrations.

“Want to know more about
Minimony & Sequel Ceremony 2020”

Restaurant private dining – a room to call one’s own

Dining out as a special occasion with your closest family and friends.  I see an increase in private room hire, spending a little more on the decor and menu.

Ideas for celebrating Place Setting Private Dining Stephen Walker Photography

An opportunity to talk through what the future holds, a chance to build projects and explore ideas while treating yourselves to fine wines and carefully curated menu courses in an intimate setting.

Ideas for celebrating Restaurant Private Dining Stephen Walker Photography

Here are some private dining options in and around Cambridge for you to check out when they can open their doors and welcome guests once again.

The Old Bridge Hotel, Huntingdon – a huge soft spot for this place.  I began my hospitality career here.

The Ivy, Cambridge  I am in love with their chairs in the private dining room!

Hotel Felix, Cambridge you can walk off lunch exploring the university grounds

The Eltisley, St Neots Gastro pub and dog friendly too

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