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As an independent wedding planner, I get to know some amazing and inspiring talent in the wedding industry. For over a decade I’ve planned meaningful weddings in Italy – now I’m venturing into personalised UK events. As more of my clients start choosing the UK as the destination of choice for their big day – whether based in Britain themselves or travelling in from countries afar – I thought it was time to talk a bit more about what this wonderful country has to offer and how I can help create heartfelt weddings in the UK.

Partnering with the right creatives for you

One of the many things I love about the UK is the diversity and choice available to couples for their wedding. Though an urban wedding might be up your street, you don’t have to venture into the big cities to find wedding suppliers who match your lifestyle choices – I’m starting to build a portfolio of unique talent right across the country. I know your wedding celebration is about more than just the beautiful details – though you do still want to wow your guests. It’s about creating magic, and moments of meaning. Absorbing the atmosphere and feeling connected. The love for people and places. Seeking out trusted suppliers who understand those values is high on your priorities and partnering the right couple with the right talent is something I’m passionate about. 

A personal connection works for me, meeting and being in the presence of these 4 creative beauties has been an energising experience.  

The multi-cultural inspired jewellery and accessories of Anisha Parmar – with eclectic and bold designs all hand-made in her London studio.

Bold Handcrafted Jewellery | Weddings UK | Anisha Parma

The bespoke and elegant creations of Sneha Narayan (Paint Pots and Quills) – a self-taught calligrapher and painter based in Surrey and Hertfordshire. 

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Chloe Ainsley Creative earlier this year, Chloe’s stationery collections have earthy tones and tactile textures, I love that they are grounded and modern they were perfect for my project theme.

The one-of-a-kind bespoke jewellery creations of Niza Huang – who takes the rawest of materials and transforms them into edgy yet elegant designs. 

Handcrafted Jewellery | Modern | Weddings UK Wedding rings | Modern Design | Weddings UK Silver textured earrings | Weddings UK Silver Bracelet | Weddings UK Gold texture ring | Weddings UK

The UK has a so many talented and passionate suppliers just waiting to work with intrepid individuals like yourselves. 

Responsive Wedding Planning

Over the last few months I’ve seen some subtle shifts, and some considerable changes, in the wedding market. I’ve listened to what you really need, and I am now more aware than ever that you want help creating experiential, grounded, and heartfelt weddings in the UK. You’re tired of standard ‘packages’, of being pushed towards a certain type of supplier or being limited in choice. Glamorous and luxury don’t make you tick but meaningful and quality make your soul sing. You want your senses to be awakened, life-affirming experiences, and memories that give you goosebumps in years to come. 

Photo by Stephen Walker Photography

So, I’m introducing a new, more flexible and connected way of working together in your wedding planning journey.

For those of you who need my hands-on support throughout – I will still be offering my full bespoke planning service. If you want to be more involved in planning your own day – I am offering you the valuable option of selecting where I can help you best. On top of that, all my clients can now experience my responsive wedding planning service.  This is where we will bring your ideas to life in real time in an initial collaborative styling session with the talent that will feature in your wedding plans. We can use technology or we can meet where you feel most comfortable, it’s that people and place thing!

With over ten years expertise in meticulous planning and my ever-increasing portfolio of talent in the UK – together we can create a wedding unlike any other. Cast off those fearful expectations of a superficial or impersonal day, relax those shoulders, and trust me to help create your inspiring and heartfelt wedding in the UK, a celebration with suppliers who understand you. 

Understanding your values

Would you like my help connecting you to some creative and independent talent in the UK? Want to find out more about my new flexible services or perhaps book an initial collaborative styling session with my responsive wedding planning service? Let’s talk 

Creative Talent:

Anisha Parmar – Anisha Parmar London

Sneya Narayan – Paint Pots & Quills

Chloe Ainsley – Chloe Ainsley Creative

Niza Huang – Niza Huang Jewellery

Stephen Walker  – Stephen Walker Photography – professional photos of Chloe Ainsley Creative and Niza Huang Jewellery

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