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I said No

Just the other day I said No.

I had my reasons for saying No, I was totally frustrated because I was not being heard and all to quickly I was up against a lot of resistance and I guess it was because my reaction was not expected, it didn’t fit with the other person’s plan and I was called ungracious!

To not have someone listen to you happens in all walks of life. Even when it comes to wedding planning.

Shut out the noise

Not being heard can be so frustrating perhaps even worse having your own ideas dominated by opinions and ideas that do not fit with your own.  If there is more than one voice to contend with there is the temptation to give in and go with the flow.

I am here to say STOP.

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Be confident in your choices

Your wedding day is your day it is only ever going to happen once and be shared once with your partner, do not lose sight of how you want to feel on your wedding day and how you want to look and how you wish to host your day.  Remember it as a meaningful event, one that you designed.

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You may feel a bit wobbly about bucking the trends and traditions, planning something for your guests that does not follow expectation is giving them a new experience, one that will be remembered and spoken about years down the line.

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Let your style shine

Whether you be a traditionalist or an alternative wedding couple, there are expectations and sometimes there are pressures from family and friends to do things a certain way which goes against what you want.  It is something I have seen often in 11 years of organising weddings. To feel that your choices are not valid or if you are told it is wrong to not follow wedding protocol is disheartening, especially when your wedding is exactly the time to be creative.

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When destination weddings first came on the scene they were an opportunity to get away from all the planning and expense a quiet romantic occasion for two or with a few close friends – a sandy beach in the Caribbean.  Destination weddings have come a long way!  Having a wedding abroad is no longer about getting away from it all and saving on the budget, in fact the amount of planning and cost can easily exceed that of an at-home big white wedding.

Not just the look but it’s how you want to feel too

What does that all mean, well it means couples should have the wedding they want in the style they want and they get to choose which creatives will become part of the wedding team to deliver that vision.  Whether you get married at home or abroad weddings have become design-led events, they reflect lifestyle choices.  We now have heartfelt experiential occasions.

Ditch the neatly wrapped package – freedom to be you with bespoke design

The reason I love the work I do is because as a bespoke planner, I get to listen to the couple’s story and to feel the excitement when they describe their wedding, what it will look like, how it will feel to be in that location and environment and that their choices are what will give their guests the best heartfelt experience.

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My job is to make the whole destination wedding planning process, smooth, stress free and fun and to support and encourage the couple to stay true to their choice, especially when up against outside pressure to do things a certain way.

One of my phrases is “how far can you stretch your imagination” by no means is this meant to encourage expensive out there weddings!  It is to get the couple thinking about what they want to do.

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If sticking to tradition is your thing – great – if you like the formalities of a wedding breakfast and speeches –  doubly great. BUT, if the thought of a closed in space, classical bridal march and formal greeting lines are the complete opposite to what you are thinking, listen to that inner voice and pay attention to those thoughts, because this is your once-in-a-lifetime moment.

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A very positive aspect about wedding planning today is that both couples and planners are aware of the importance of celebrating in a way that feels right.

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Getting the message

When couples write to me I pay special attention to the words used.  In our warp-factor world there is the temptation to respond with a generic hello without addressing the message that comes across.

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I give more time to sending personalised responses, to let couples know if I can help and how I can help.  It it about being clear on the options available and what choices each couple has.

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You have a blank canvas to be as abstract or detailed as you wish.

Are you someone who wishes to step away from tradition?  If you do, I would absolutely love to speak with you.  You can get in touch here

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