Is A Full Wedding Planning Service Right For You?

Today’s post follows on from ‘The Role Of A Full Wedding Planner’. I want to share some further insight, to help answer the question: is a Full Wedding Planning service right for you?

We will look at a common misconception around Full Wedding Planning, the budget element, why I chose to focus on Full Planning, and which couples I can help. Let’s get started…

The Full Wedding Planning Misconception

In an era of Instagram and Pinterest, and with the wonder that is Google, it’s no surprise that many couples already have big ideas for their wedding before the bubbles have even settled in their glass of engagement fizz. It’s not long, however, before they start hearing horror stories of stress and overwhelm from friends and family. They read hundreds of articles in wedding magazines and see numerous adverts for wedding services. That’s when the fear sets in and, suddenly, they feel lost and confused.

It’s a fairly logical step from that place of worry to then seeking out a Full Wedding Planner. The outside message is: ‘everyone needs a wedding planner’.

In truth, that’s not always the case. In fact, for some, a Full Wedding Planner is definitely not what they need.

Some couples might just need the guidance of a Wedding Coordinator (offered to them by their venue). Others might only need help with the vision of their celebration, perhaps from a Stylist. Whilst many DIY couples simply need a helping hand to bring things together, through On-the-day services.

Though these are all skills covered by a Full Wedding Planner, many couples will find a Full service goes way beyond their needs. Unfortunately, this results in a common misconception of Full Wedding Planning being expensive and overpriced. In reality, it’s usually a case of mismatched services, and disproportionate expectations.

B is for Budget

There is no escaping it. The stunning weddings and extraordinary experiences you see on social media and in the press, don’t come cheap. Though it can be very difficult to get a realistic idea of the costs of such celebrations. This leads to understandable confusion.

I don’t blame any bride or groom for hoping they can create the best day of their lives for as little as possible. However, when it comes to weddings (as with most things in life) you really do get what you pay for.

When you see package options available on some planning sites, or associated with venues, the service is rarely comparable to bespoke and tailored Full Wedding Planning. Packages usually refer to the assistance of a Wedding Coordinator, not a Full Wedding Planner. It would therefore be unfair to judge the two services, and fees, side by side.

It’s so important, when working out who you need on your team, to research carefully. Really think about your requirements and the help you need. Then look at your budget and decide what level of service is right for you.

When working to a tight budget, you try to get the lowest price possible from all your suppliers. It can be enticing to think a wedding planner might help haggle a ‘better’ deal. A Full Wedding Planner will have contacts they trust to provide value for money. They will know what services and products seem unnecessarily high in cost, and they can prevent you spending out on things you don’t need. The main purpose of a Full Wedding Planner, however, is not to negotiate (and I speak from experience). If this is your primary concern, a Full Wedding Planner probably isn’t right for you.

With Full Wedding Planning there is an understanding that the budget may be more fluid and adjusted as the process continues. Much like a project manager, a Full Wedding Planner works responsively – meeting the needs of their couple. Lower, fixed budgets or venue led wedding packages don’t allow for this flexibility.

Why I Focus On Full Planning

I chose to be a Full Wedding Planner because I want to offer couples the meaningful, grounded, and connected celebrations they dream of. Weddings that look and flow according to their personal requirements.

I recognise that one size does not fit all. Therefore, a bespoke service is the ultimate way to help couples have a stress-free experience. Couples, whether from the UK or elsewhere in Europe, should feel they have a trusted ambassador to help guide them and carry out their wishes – saving them valuable time.  

Couples deserve continuity, from the initial client engagement right through to on-the-day services. I love building a relationship with my couples, so I can best understand their needs. A Full service allows this to happen.

Full Wedding Planning inspires creative collaborations and a solution-based process. It gives me immense satisfaction to fulfil a couple’s personal requests, and the opportunity to work with a diverse network of talented professionals (for both UK and Italy based weddings) makes my soul come alive.

A Full Wedding Planning Couple

Many people associate Full Planning with celebrities and VIPs, because the service fees are usually higher than those of a Coordinator (for example). Whilst it’s true you must take a Planners fees into careful consideration, on top of your main wedding budget, Full Wedding Planning doesn’t have to be limited to the rich and famous.

Full Wedding Planning is suited to couples who do not have the time to plan their own wedding in the UK or abroad. Couples who are confident about delegating and working with a trusted partner. Perhaps planning from a faraway location, communicating across time zones, or dealing with logistics that need expert management.

A Full Wedding Planning Couple seek a connected planning experience, to ensure they get the day they really want. A wedding day that reflects their lifestyle and fulfils all their wishes and requirements.

Experienced Full Wedding Planners know their worth. They go above and beyond for their clients. They do things the client will likely never see, sometimes accommodating requests that fall outside of their usual service. I am of the view that you do what needs to be done to get the job done. That’s how I’ve built my trusted reputation.

If Full Wedding Planning is the right service for you, you’ll be a couple who respect and appreciate this level of service and the understandable investment involved. You’ll prioritise people and places over flamboyant ideas and believe in choosing quality over quantity. You may have an uppermost budget in mind, but you’ll trust your Full Wedding Planner to deliver the wedding you’re hoping for and be flexible where needed. You’ll work together to create a connected celebration but feel confident to hand over control when appropriate.

If you’re still not sure if Full Wedding Planning is right for you – take a look at my previous post: ‘The Role Of A Full Wedding Planner’. The post describes how a Full Wedding Planner differs from other wedding professionals. Alternatively, if you’ve decided Full Wedding Planning is exactly what you need – I would love to hear from you . We can have a chat to see how my bespoke service could help you.