Paperwork for your Italy Wedding

Sharing knowledge relevant to your personal circumstances, prioritising and guiding you through the paperwork for your Italy wedding.

You will be informed about what is involved at an early stage.  Getting the legal paperwork right is a must to have your wedding legally recognised in your home country.

I aim to make this as stress free and uncomplicated as possible for you.

I have worked with many international couples to organise their paperwork for their Italy.

Many brave-hearted couples start the legal process on their own but often find it can be challenging dealing with the bureaucracy or they are not clear on what needs to be done and when.

It can be frustrating as you want to book your date in advance but due to Italian procedure this is not possible.  Town Halls have their own system for booking wedding dates, some have a short timeframe, this can be as short as 3 months!
It is not always so simple to communicate with the Town Halls (Comune) when it comes to the paperwork for your Italy wedding.

Can you imagine being asked to produce all the paperwork for your Italy wedding and then have a date confirmed.  Be prepared as this can happen.

The procedure and time frame are very important when it comes to getting married in Italy.  Some nationalities are prohibited from having a ceremony in Italy, if your home country does not issue the necessary paperwork then all legal ceremony options are closed to you if you are not resident in Italy.

The paperwork for your Italy wedding will depend on your nationality, place of residence and marital status (divorced, widowed etc).  For some nationalities it will be a requirement to present yourself at your Embassy or Consulate in Italy while for other nationalities pretty much everything can be done by post – not exactly fair but this is the way it is.

The paperwork service is to help you understand your options based on your circumstances.

You will be given a break down of what is involved
-what ceremony options are available to you
– how much time will be needed to get all the documents sorted
– what you will need to do before you depart your home country
– what you will need to do in Italy prior to the wedding and after the wedding.


Getting married with a short time frame

The couple you see looking pretty relaxed in the photo contacted me one Sunday morning – they had booked their holiday to Italy and thought that it would be a good idea to get married during their stay.   We had just over 12 weeks to organise the paperwork.

This involved a 24hour round trip to Italy to collect documents that had been rejected by the Town Hall and get the document re-issued.   Luckily I am registered for the business service for speedy apostille at the Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office which allowed me to do a same day turnaround on the new document – hand it to the groom who would take it out to Italy  a day later!

It is OK to look back on this kind of adventure knowing all came out well in the end.  At the time it is rather a different story, one small error could mean your legal ceremony is not allowed to go ahead.

When organising the paperwork it is advisable to seek out the guidance of someone who has organised paperwork for international couples and has colleagues on location to support when situations like the above happen.

Italy Wedding Planner Bride The Bros Photography

Civil Wedding and Same-Sex Civil Unions

Italy came  on board in 2016 with passing a law that permitted same-sex weddings.
Accent Events is very proud to have been the first UK-based Italy Wedding Planner to have organised a same-sex civil union for both UK and USA couples on the Amalfi Coast.

Dean & Mark’s wedding story in Sorrento captured by Alfonso Longobardi

The two Joes dreamed of a romantic wedding in Italy inspired by a painting given to them as a present.  At the time it was only possible to have a symbolic wedding.

I helped the Joes find the location and supported them in bringing their ideas to life – including a James Bond themed arrival to the exclusive port of Portofino in Italy.

To see the full story of their day captioned as “The Man I love” was captured by talented photographer David Bastianoni.

Then in 2019 two years after Italy passed the law for same-sex civil unions they had a very intimate legal ceremony in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast.

There is similarity in the documents required for a civil wedding and civil union. However, the process differs in that same-sex couples must attend in person at the Town Hall in Italy where the ceremony will take place for an initial meeting with the Town Hall official.

At this time all the relevant documents are presented, the couple will then answer a series of questions about their status after which the date of the wedding is confirmed.
Between the first meeting and the date of the wedding there can be a time lapse of no less than 30 days and no m ore than 6 months.

As with a civil wedding if neither of you speak Italian you will require the services of an interpreter to assist you with arrangements.

Your specific circumstances

To assist you it will be necessary to ask you personal questions related to:

Passport Information (ie dual nationality)
Place of residence
Place of birth
Marital status
Name Change
Information about your partner

This information will have direct influence as to the type of ceremony that will be possible for you in Italy.

Time to Plan

The process for obtaining the documentation required will be dependent on your nationality and the process laid out by the relevant government department of your home country.

For some nationalities it will be necessary to attend in person at your Embassy in Italy to complete paperwork.

There may also be a period of residency in Italy involved in the documentation process.


Included in the service

You will be given a step-by-step guide on what the documentation process involves.
Links to relevant Embassy offices and on-line guidance resources*
Clarification if your request for a legal wedding is possible
(for example same-sex weddings where the home country does not recognise same-sex weddings)
If language permits communication with your home Embassy in Italy

*we are not responsible for:
– the accuracy of information published on external websites (Embassies or Consulates)
– the information published is current 

Additional Services

Make a request to your chosen Town Hall in Italy
Book an interpreter
Book a symbolic celebrant


UK Couples (where both individuals are UK Citizens)
Paperwork & Apostilles  £295.00

Guidance through procedure
Checking Certificates of No Impediment (CNIs) and Statutory Declaration Forms for consistency
(Additional documents that may be requested if the woman has been divorced)
Legalising documents via the Standard Service with the FCDO (2 CNIs, 2 Statutory Declarations)*
Postage & Courier Costs

*additional documents to be legalised – add £30 for each additional apostille


Other Nationalities

Please use the Here to Help You form providing the relevant information for pricing and support

Kabir And Sonam, Puglia

“Jo is an AMAZING wedding planner! Whilst the wedding we organised in Italy was small – only the civil/legal part – she was absolutely flawless with her planning, preparation and organisation. From the moment I spoke to Jo I knew I was in good hands. She answers all questions with care and clarity whether on the phone or by email and was always so responsive to any questions or requirements that I had before the wedding day.

Jo clearly explained, and then organised, the legal formalities so that everything fell into place so easily. But not only that, she organised for the wedding to take place in a very convenient  and romantic destination – a castle no less!  I cannot recommend Jo and Accent Events enough – the service is perfect”

Need urgent assistance with legalising documents?*

Does one of these situations apply to you?

One of your documents has been rejected?

You have been asked to provide additional documents for your wedding in Italy by the Town Hall?

Planning a short notice wedding?


You have other documents that require apostille to be used outside of the UK
(not necessarily wedding related)

* This is service is only for UK citizens resident in the UK


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