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*** 90 Minute Destination Planning Consultation ***

This virtual destination wedding consultation can be tailored to your top priorities, questions and concerns.  Or if you are facing a sticky situation and need to talk it through, the whole session can be devoted to whatever you are currently struggling with.

This is ideal if you are midway through your planning but have stumbled with negotiations, or there has been an unforeseen stumbling block to your legal paperwork (more on that later!) or your requests are not being heard.  I can draw on 14 years of working throughout Italy for international clients who have thrown up a challenge or two over the years!

Alternatively if you are about to start destination wedding planning and are feeling overwhelmed about where to start and what to do first, then the 90 minutes consultation become the Wedding Ready Go Destination Wedding Planning – Essentials.”  I will help you form a plan, get into the right mindset and prompt you to have those all important conversations which will save you time and indecision in the long run.

It has been a thrill to work with so many couples where there is a mix of culture and tradition, blended with modern ideas and fantastic locations.

I decided to make the change from full bespoke planning to virtual wedding services as the thought that I could not make it to my destination because of the fragility of the everchanging travel regulations would be heart breaking for me and for the couple.

  The idea of continuing to support couples who wish to plan their own wedding abroad makes me happy because they can look a lot like this!

Destination Wedding Planning Consultations
(Remote Sessions)

Pre booked virtual consultation

Your choice of:

Tailored Session –  your 3 top; priorities, questions and concerns answered

Destination Wedding Planning Essentials – Everything you need to know about planning a destination wedding to get you started

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Lisa & Rob

“As a busy working couple with stressful lives, it was clear that arranging a wedding on our own would be virtually impossible to cope with alongside the everyday stresses of work commitments… enter stage left Jo! From the off Jo took our rough ideas and formed them into what was for sure the best day of our lives.

Her calm demeanour on the day and the precision as to which everything happened ensured that the day went without a hitch. As a bit of a worrier, Jo gave me total confidence – I had nothing to worry about – all was in hand. Also, her ability to think beyond the brief at the tiniest of details was fantastic. Her suggestions, ability to negotiate a deal, and her total commitment to us as a couple was fantastic. Jo took what I would imagine to be something very stressful to arrange and made it fun – we had an absolute ball!”


You may be at the very beginning stage of destination wedding planning.  There is much to consider and many questions will be asked of you and many decisions to be made.

Where exactly do you start?

This is any easy one to answer.  With experts.  Individuals who have been involved in the destination wedding sector for 14+ years.  Experience that has come about by being challenged to what is possible, having direct hands-on experience of what it is like working with international wedding professionals.

I have been involved with the ladies at Weddings Abroad Guide for as long as Accent Events has been operational.  Natalie and Kim have featured in my development and evolution over the years.  I would run ideas by them as well as have my real weddings featured on their blog, as it was highly likely that the enquiry came from their website.

You can imagine how honoured I was to have been asked by Natalie and Kim to become their destination wedding consultant earlier this year.  This opportunity came when I was about to call it quits on my bespoke wedding planning service.  I immediately saw the potential in this virtual service.

Remote access for wedding couples to quality wedding information, expertise and guidance at affordable prices; with the aim is to make planning a destination wedding stress free.

To demystify some of the misconceptions about planning and to provide the foundations that will keep you on track, on budget and confident that what you want for your wedding will actually happen the way you want it to.

Wedding Ready Go Consultation

The Wedding Ready Go Consultation is a complement to the Weddings Abroad Guide Destination Wedding Planning Tool kit.  The secret weapon of destination planning, it is absolutely crammed full of top tips, checklists, spreadsheets and workbooks to define the look and feel of your big day.

Together we designed the 90 minute destination wedding consultation to answer your questions and remove any concerns that may crop up.

We are sure these are only a fraction of the questions and situations that couples have to manage:

The date doesn’t work for us (friends),  pregnancies, elderly guests, guests that don’t like flying, guests who think a wedding abroad is selfish, the reasons are many which often puts a damper on the wedding planning as the thought of celebrating without family and close friends is unthinkable.  Just how do you deal with all of this as well as the practical planning?

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