Spirit of Adventure

The Adventure Together

Hand in hand, with their fingers entwined, the couple walked through the long grass. They had travelled quite the journey to get here. Years of adventure as individuals, before even setting eyes on one another, and then their time as a couple – walking the same intrepid path together. 

The bride paused and took a breath, her relaxed and tousled hair catching in the breeze. This was the day. The day she had been dreaming of for weeks, if not months. The day she would marry her partner in life – her best friend. She let the fresh countryside air wash over her and then bent down to pick some wildflowers, knowing they wouldn’t last long out of water but wanting connection with her surroundings in the moment. 

The couple continued to walk through the field with a pulse of travel, movement, and desire in their hearts – as if beating to the rhythmic echoes of horseshoes on the ground – but as they approached their chosen place to wed, they were stopped in their tracks by surprise. The groom turned and held his soon-to-be wife, his eyes seeking answers in hers – but she was asking the same questions herself and offered no response. 

Before them, in the open grassland, stood a wooden arch – decorated with an amazing arrangement of dried flowers, a sculpture of a wolf’s head resting at its base, and a welcoming rug on the ground. The couple looked around, thinking they had accidentally wandered into another couple’s special day, but there was no one else in sight. Was this romantic scene created for them? Had the secret of their intimate union been carried before them in the wind? 

The wolf symbolises guardianship, ritual, loyalty, and spirit. It can make quick and firm emotional attachments and often relies on trusting its own instincts. Knowing this, once again, the couple turned to look at each other and simultaneously burst with heartfelt laughter. All their previous adventures had led to this moment – they trusted their senses – this day was meant to be. 

The spirit of adventure whispered around them.

The Adventure Inspires

With their love as their witness, they made their commitment – not to follow convention or feel trapped by traditions, but to share life with each other and feel the freedom and spirit of adventure together. 

Stumbling across a picnic for two they sat down to enjoy the feast. Crackers and cheese, fruits and cake – all the sweeter now their hearts were complete. 

The couple’s joy and laughter tickled the breeze around them, creating a tangible sense of magic in the air. Their love held no bounds or limitations. As they dreamt and planned the adventure of their future together, it was as if they had been transported to another place. 

Swept away by their excitement, the couple cast off others’ expectations of glamour or perfection for a wedding day, and instead embraced their meaningful moment. 

Soaring around with playful joy. Swinging from a tree and collapsing in laughter. Stepping inside a traveller’s fantasy, looking out from their private caravan. 

This was a day unlike any other. This was their day.

The groom pointed to a small aircraft, patiently waiting for two passengers. Where should they fly? The bride grabbed the hem of her dress and bouquet in one hand, and her husbands outstretched hand in the other. They ran for the plane. 

With their hearts full, their souls alive, and their meaningful wedding experience fulfilled – they climbed up into the aircraft, ready to journey wherever life took them next.

The Adventure Yet Begun

Closing their book of inspiration, a man and woman turned to one another. The story may have been made of dreams but in a few breaths time it would become their reality. Grounded in the joy of being on the same page – in that moment, without uttering a word, the couple both knew…the real spirit of adventure had only just begun.