UK Marriage Visitor Visa

This one is for all non-EEA (European Economic Area) individuals and couples who wish to get married in the UK – you will need a UK Marriage Visitor Visa.

We love the idea that the UK is a much sought after destination for international couples – there is much to love about our wonderful country.

I received a request from a New Zealand based bride who asked me to help her with an intimate elope wedding with a small group of friends in London.  I was super excited as I have recently introduced UK event planning to my services for both UK and international couples.  Sadly it seemed that my potential bride-to-be had not factored in the application process for applying for the UK Marriage Visitor Visa.  There wasn’t enough time  to process the application.

To avoid being disappointed,  I have listed some key information on what is required to help you with your administrative planning.

Information on the UK Marriage Visitor Visa

This visa is a must have  so here are some key points on what you need to do if you dream of a UK wedding.

  1. Apply for the UK Marriage Visitor Visa – go on-line unless you are living in North Korea where the application is to be made by post.
  2. The application costs £95.
  3. You must apply for a marriage visa if you live outside of the European Economic Area & Switzerland.
  4.  The application must not be made more than 3 months from the date you intend to enter the UK.
  5. There is key eligibility criteria include; being 18 years or over, free to give notice of marriage, or marry or enter into a civil partnership, you will leave the UK at the end of your visit.  The full list of eligibility criteria can be found by visiting the link below.
  6. Documents to be provided, include; valid passport, evidence you are able to support yourself during your stay, proof of your future plans for the relationship, for example where you will live, proof of where you will stay during your visit, return tickets.  The full list of  supporting documents can be found by visiting the link below.
  7.  You will be asked to attend a biometric appointment at a visa application centre.
  8. A decision on your application is usually 3 weeks from the date of your appointment.
  9. It is possible to fast track the application, there is an option for a decision within 5 working days (currently £220) or there is a super fast track option for a decision within one working day (currently £956).

Now you are in the UK

Congratulations you are now in the UK and can plan to give Notice of Marriage.  According to UK law this can be done once 7 full days have passed, as this is the residency requirement.

The ceremony can take place no earlier than 29 days after the Notice of Marriage.  It is not necessary to remain in the country during this period.   The UK Marriage Visitor Visa is valid for 6 months from the date of entry to the UK as long as your wedding is within this time you are able to return.

The success of your application will be based on following the process, paying attention to detail and being accurate and truthful with your information.

I would love to see more international couples choosing the UK for their destination wedding, for more information and a step-by-step guide on how to apply can be found here UK Marriage Visitor Visa

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