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The destination wedding market is a multi billion pound industry. Just think of all those amazing countries out there where you can – in some form – have the wedding of your dreams.  Where and to whom do you go to get help?

There are some extremely important questions to ask yourselves before sending out emails to wedding planning companies and planners.

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Social media and emails make sending out a request for information effortless….but this isn’t always helpful for you nor the person at the other end who is going to respond to you.  To avoid progressing with multiple email exchanges to then find out the service is not what is expected or perhaps not best suited to your budget….


Before pressing the SEND button ask yourselves:


What level of support do you need for your Italy Wedding?


Are you the kind of couple who just wishes to purchase their wedding package and then look forward to turning up on the day, or do you want something more from your wedding?  Are you seeking a wedding experience in your chosen country, which happens to come through the planning of your wedding. This is something we offer.

There are obviously elements of the wedding day that will be the same, the legalities associated with the civil ceremony for example, working within the restrictions for entertainment but everything else around this can be left to your imagination.

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There are  many wedding companies out there all in demand for their services.  What is different is the type of wedding planning support – finding the right one for you is key.   This is going to depend on expectation of service level, budget, time, design and knowledge of the country.


The independent wedding planner – this style of wedding planner may operate from the destination country or like myself work across two locations, the UK and Italy.   The role of the wedding planner is to look after the logistics, venue and vendors, administration and contingency planning to ensure a seamless wedding day.  This is an extremely high level description of what they do behind the scenes.


Couples who wish to use a wedding planner have a choice.


It’s possible to purchase a wedding package through an independent planner, a stress free option, carefully designed to offer different levels and duration of services for a set price, you will have the opportunity to request changes which again may incur an additional charge.


Or, alternatively a couple can opt for a unique tailor-made wedding – something that is custom created for them that represents their ideas, style and personal taste – a bespoke wedding.

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Often there is confusion over what is involved in the bespoke service over the role of a wedding planner described above, and why the service charge of a bespoke planner is perceived to be higher.   Time – time is very valuable, hiring a specialist to take care of the full range of services – saves the couple time.  Another extremely important aspect of bespoke design is the client relationship, it is conducted on a more personal level, the management of communication and administration is often around the availability of the client especially when managing time zones.


With a bespoke design wedding the event is managed as a special event project with specific phases where different resources come on-board at different times, the amount of time to oversee the arrangements is higher than the number of hours associated with putting in place a package wedding.  The package has been carefully calculated to factor in the cost of the wedding planner’s time in to the package.


There are areas of common ground of course, logistics, managing vendors etc and it could be the planner is also skilled in event design which is all about the style, theme and decoration.  One individual could have all the skills required by the couple or it may be the services will be hired individually and overseen by the wedding planner.


Venue In-house Wedding Planner:  Many hotels have their own in-house wedding planner to help you with your wedding.

Points to consider with an in-house planner is that they may have a preferred suppliers list, so if you want that funky soul band you have spent hours researching to play at your wedding – it may not be permitted as the hotel works solely with a particular music agency or band.  Also bear in mind the in-house planner may be working to a format that suits the hotel – perhaps they will only do a evening reception, this is fine when you have managed to secure your 4.30/5.00pm civil ceremony time but what happens if the ceremony availability is restricted to morning times only?  How will you fill your time, will your in-house planner help you with external events?


Wedding planning tip:  Before falling in love with a venue – check the age policy some hotels do not allow young children.

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Travel agencies/holiday companies:  you can walk into a travel agency and in a few easy steps book a wedding/honeymoon.   More often than not you will be purchasing a wedding package  – great for those on a budget – you will know how much at the time of booking and only need to factor in the number of guests attending.  These weddings are efficient and will be priced for volume sales so for those on a budget they will be a great fit because of the lower price that can be achieved.  What may be forfeited is the opportunity to reflect your personality.  Two other possible disadvantages are you may have no contact with your wedding planner until you are on site so will not have a view of where and how things will occur and the second is if you wish to change anything about the package (if you can change!) it is likely to incur an additional cost.


Another point worth noting is that some wedding planners are affiliated with large travel agencies and holiday companies.

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Wedding Coordinator:  the role of the coordinator is to focus on the operational elements of wedding planning, usually to be present on site ensuring all wedding professionals come together seamlessly on the wedding day.


Wedding Priorities and Wedding Goals:  Every couple will have their priorities and those priorities may be best suited to a particular type of planner.  Fixed or tight budget?  If you wish to do much of the planning yourself then you could choose a venue with an in house planner with whom you can liaise directly.

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DIY Bride: You may wish to do research to find the perfect venue and vendors etc, but you know you will need help with the legal process, documents and interpreter, a wedding planner that offers a town hall, legal requirements option is going to be perfect.  You can request our list of services related to booking the town hall here.

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Healthy budget, Expat couple or just do not have the time:  This type of couple are extremely busy and have little spare time to devote to organising such an important event abroad.  They may even be expats so time zones may also be a disadvantage to real time communication.  If budget is not an issue this couple are more likely to employ a wedding planner who offers bespoke design and can respond to their requests and ensure these are implemented to the clients requirements – a personal wedding ambassador.

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Accent Events as your wedding planner:  Offers both wedding planning services and we have recently introduced our new brand Italy Exclusive Weddings to meet the demand for a unique event and highest level of client relationship.


In both cases there are some clear advantages to using a UK based Italy Wedding specialist, if you are UK based or a British Expat in a different time zone.

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We understand the importance of prompt communication. Our English and Italian-speaking Accent Events team is based both in the UK and Italy and available to meet face-to-face in both locations.  We like nothing more than meeting our clients in person, we can easily do this in London or Cambridgeshire and by appointment in Italy.


Our style of wedding planning is relationship based. Time to get to know you and understand your personal circumstances. We do this by offering you choices wherever and whenever possible.


We offer a consultancy service to give you guidance and our expert and informed opinions so that you are in the right place to make your decisions.


Freedom to select those professionals who resonate with your personal style.  Accent Events works with wonderful wedding professionals from UK, Italy and international.  Often with wedding packages you will not have the opportunity to choose the photographer, musician or florist.

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Our company credentials:


Established professional Limited company, 10 years in business


International client experience


Flexible to respond to priorities, requirements and circumstances


Ambassador of wedding industry – we have earned the respect of our collaborators


Member of Tuscan Wedding Planners network and Weddings Abroad Guide industry focused group for professionals


Regular contributor to wedding websites and blogs


We know Italy, we know when and how best to approach wedding planning in Italy. We understand the importance of communication and cultural idiosyncrasies


Forward thinking and supporter of fellow wedding professionals – we facilitate relationships to ensure an optimum service between companies and for the couple.

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Essentially we all strive to provide an excellent service to couples.  What makes us different is the person(s) behind the name,  just like each couple is different.  It is worth spending time researching companies and planners before sending off your inquiry to ensure there is a good match from the start.


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