Virtual Destination Wedding Planning

These virtual planning services can be selected as a one-off service or they could be linked together to help you get started on your destination wedding planning journey fully supported in those areas that often cause overwhelm or angst.

Once you have made the decision to have a destination wedding the planning should be filled with excitement and fun and NO STRESS ideally!

This is no small decision and you will receive both positive and negative comments some of which you may not be prepared for.  The emotional side of planning a wedding can and often does hinder or causes hesitancy when it comes to the practical side of planning and stops you moving forward.

Common questions that will be on the list: When to start? Where to start?  Who to invite? Adult only wedding?  Who is going to be in the bridal party?  And the big conversation –  the wedding budget?

It is frustrating for couples to only find generic information and nothing specific to their particular set of circumstances this is why the Virtual Destination Wedding Planning Consultation is the place to start.

There is a growing trend for couples to be heavily involved in their destination wedding.  That is great news, but the feedback I get is that the first hurdle they come up against is access to information that matches their personal circumstances.

This is why I have designed services to help in specific areas:

Virtual Wedding Consultations

Ceremonies and Legal Paperwork (civil and religious) & Legalising Documents

Wedding Design & Styling (Moodboards and supplier recommendations)


Tailored or Essentials


ceremony options, legalising documents


Moodboards & supplier recommendations

Reinaldo & Jodie

“From the moment we contacted Accent Events, Jo guided us on a smooth, stress-free journey to our wedding date. And our journey was not a simple one! An Australian Brit, marrying a Brazilian Italian, living in London, wanting to legally marry in Italy – but we did it! Jo met us in London and really got to know our style, budget and what was important to us.

She arranged four venue viewings that were just spot on. Two were great, one was exactly what we wanted, and one was beyond our wildest dreams. Jo was so organised, everything else just fell into place. No detail was forgotten. And on the day Jo and Martin went above and beyond. Torrential rain, family medical problems, yet the day continued seamlessly. And it was magical. One month on and everyone continues to tell me that it was the best wedding they have ever been to. And we could not have done it alone. No words can ever thank Jo and Martin enough!”