Country Garden Wedding Show with Italian Roots

Beautiful Orchard Garden Wedding

What could be better than spending a sunny Sunday afternoon attending the very first wedding show at Eagle Mill in Houghton Cambridgeshire?

I design and coordinate weddings in Italy, there was both industry-related and personal motivation to pop along to the charming village of Houghton in Cambridgeshire to see what was happening in this English country garden.

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A new wedding venue in Cambridgeshire

I was not wearing my wedding planner’s hat but after years of doing venue visits in Italy I could not help myself ticking off from my mental checklist of considerations that I use when I speak to couples about potential venues. Loads of parking on site – tick.

By chance our car had parked in front of honeybee hive, the busy bee activity seemed to fit with the atmosphere of the day, a quintessential spring day and very easy to imagine a wedding taking place.

A vision of of glamorous guests, and the animated chatter blending with the soothing sound of a jazz trio or modern string quartet.  The clinking of champagne glasses and hearty congratulations. Ambience and aesthetics – tick.

Wedding Arch | Welcome Entrance

Taking the side entrance to the garden we spotted a pretty horsebox converted into a small bar serving chilled prosecco.

Champagne Cocktails | Prosecco

Next to this was the most desirable vintage VW camper looking so inviting, if the keys were in the ignition I would have been so tempted to be on the move.  Equally these much sought after vehicles are fabulous for a vintage style  photobooth.

Photo booth | VW Campervan

Accessibility and space for external services – tick.

Dining area | Dance Floor

The interior space was set up for the wedding professionals attending the show, for actual events there is room to seat 200 guests. There was ample space and definition for the bar, seating area and dance floor.

Garden | Country Venue | Cambridgeshire

The fruit orchard blends in the garden area where there are are several outdoor seating areas which could be easily styled for chill areas or smoking corners for guests.

Garden sculpture

Weather permitting this is a fabulous space for champagne cocktails and canapés.

Boutique Country Rooms

Boutique Country Rooms | Accommodation

Conveniently positioned in one corner of the property is the modern extension where you will find Eagle Mills Country Boutique rooms.

Accommodation | Boutique Style Rooms

There is the option of renting the 5 luxury designed rooms the day before and the day of the wedding as you are guaranteed exclusivity. Trust me you will want to book the rooms.  There may even be the promise of more gorgeous rooms in the future.

Bedroom | B&B

A delightful mix of modern and antique.

Chandelier | Interior Design

Lush accommodation – tick.

Marquee entrance | Interior Space

Back inside the marquee there is the circular wooden bar, again this could be styled to your choice – I could see ferns and succulents decorating the bar – botanicals are very on trend and a fabulous compliment to the garden setting.

Circular Bar | Bar Area

We took a short pit stop for a glass of prosecco before mingling with the wedding professionals showcasing at this first show.

Beauty | Make-up Florist | Floral Design Prosecco | Bar | Party

I met Sonya, one half of the owner couple, who has lovingly styled each of the rooms and as fate or coincidence would have it I found out Sonya has Italian roots! Sonya’s mother comes from Avellino near Naples.

Eagle Mills is a very welcome newcomer to the wedding scene in Huntingdon, it is a more personal venue with a very versatile set up. There is a wedding package with the flexibility to change aspects of the interior set up if you wish.

I am a huge fan of this style of venue, a small amount of accommodation for the bridal party and event space which can be styled and decorated to suit any theme. The intimacy of the venue really adds to the hosting experience for the bride and groom and for their guests.

I have no doubt that Sam and Sonya are going to have a success on their hands for weddings and events and I hope there will be another occasion for a wedding show to visit them again. Who knows organising an Italian themed wedding in Cambridgeshire may just be my next wedding!

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