What you need to know about Italy Weddings Right Now

I would never have imagined I would be obsessed with Covid19 announcements, travel corridors and quarantines.  It has become a daily ‘to do’ keeping up with the latest news to share with couples.  What do you need to know about Italy weddings right now?  It is a a big question.  Weighing up plans to travel, when to travel and what to expect once you arrive.  What will your wedding look like?

Here it is What you need to know about Italy Weddings Right Now

The unexpected, the unimaginable happened to destination wedding planning.  What I took as a luxury – planning with confidence and assurance is no longer the case for the immediate future as situations change daily.

What has become so important is communication and the relationship I have with my couples to gauge how they are feeling and to give them the latest on what is happening with weddings in Italy.

I have written about the dilemma about where to wed – is it the UK or Italy, what would be best for you?    Ensuring couples are informed on the key updates.  As we all know the good news factor has been limited but there have been brighter moments in all this.

Good news

Here goes – the good news you need to know about weddings in Italy.

Weddings are taking place.

Currently you can invite 30 people to your wedding.  This limit is in place until mid-November*

*Prior to this restriction it was possible to have larger weddings as long as the venue could meet the guidelines on social distancing.

Travel & Quarantine

Italy is no longer on the list of travel corridors with the UK.  This means anyone arriving from Italy will need to quarantine on their return.

Italy has introduced the obligation to take a swab for all travellers coming from the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Czech Republic.  For UK travellers the test must be taken up to 72 hours before arrival into Italy.  The test must be done by a private company and not the NHS.  The cost of such a test is expected to be between £100 and £150.

Some airports in Italy are offering a swab test on arrival.  If this is positive then you will be subject to Italy’s quarantine restrictions.


Masks must now be worn in outdoor spaces across the country in an attempt to contain the spread of coronavirus. Masks must also be worn indoors everywhere except private homes.    Masks can be removed for eating and drink once seated at a table.

What will my wedding look like in Italy right now?

Beautiful of course!

This year and for the early part of next year the smaller more intimate wedding is definitely going to be the less risky option.

Think beautiful places, romantic music, meaningful words spoken and the pure joy of being in a beautiful country.

There is the fact that by not having a big guest list that you will be able to splurge a little on yourselves and decoration.  Create something memorable for you.

Focus on all the natural attributes.

As a wedding planner who has seen all my weddings for 2020 cancel or postpone I am choose to see the light and the good in that weddings, these super special events can still go on.

If you would like to talk about your options for next year send me a message, let me know what you are thinking and I will do my best to help you work out a viable plan and we can talk through your ideas.   You can reach me at jo@accentevents.co.uk

***For more information***

Entry requirements for Italy Gov.uk website

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General Travel Advice  – Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office


Symbolic Ceremony Photo:  Courtesy of Gaetano D’Auria